Chapter 926 - What You Have, I Have It Too

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Chapter 926: What You Have, I Have It Too (4)

Another giant soldier god?!

No one in the Land Of The Giant Eagle could believe their own eyes. They stared at that giant soldier god who had suddenly appeared and was shielding Ji Fengyan. This scene was like a perplexing hallucination.

“Number two, kill it!”

The Heavenly soldiers erupted in cheers the moment that second giant soldier god appeared.

This was the second giant soldier god which Ji Fengyan had brought to life using those jade stones brought back from the Moonlight Lake. She had quickly forged a brand new Taiji jade and resurrected a second giant soldier god.

Yang Jian had been leading this giant soldier god behind the troops, completely avoiding detection by the leader of Yan Luo Dian.

“Think you are so tough just because you have a giant soldier god? We also have one!” The Heavenly soldiers shouted and waved their fists in the air, their faces full of pride.

Going against them with a giant soldier god?

Who was afraid of whom?

Come on!

The Yan Luo Dian men were totally stunned. They had thought they were finished after Zhai Xing Lou summoned that giant soldier god, but… they never expected Heavenly Courts to have a giant soldier god too!

And overall, it seemed like the Heavenly Courts’ giant soldier god was slightly bigger than the Zhai Xing Lou’s.

Although it was a small difference, but among the giant soldier gods, it was a significant disparity.

No one imagined that Heavenly Courts could also have a giant soldier god in battle. The previously gloating Zhai Xing Lou men were thunderstruck by that massive giant soldier god standing beside Ji Fengyan.

What was going on?

How did Heavenly Courts also resurrect a giant soldier god?

The two giant soldier gods started fighting. Their immense powers were beyond comprehension. Compared to humans, the giant soldier gods were without opposition. But among themselves, there was no telling who was better than the other. The two giant soldier gods strained against each other to no avail on both sides.

Craters formed on the ground beneath the giant soldier gods’ feet as they continued to pit their strength against each other. This was a battle of absolute power. No one could interfere.

At that point, the Yan Luo Dian men finally woke up from their trance. They realized why those Heavenly Courts men had been so calm at the appearance of Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god and had even launched into a discussion.

So it seemed….

The Heavenly Courts also had their own giant soldier god.

Duanmu Hongru was totally convinced. He once again gave thanks to the fact that they had enlisted the help of Heavenly Courts. Otherwise, they would have been completely annihilated by Zhai Xing Lou in this battle. At the same time, he couldn’t help feeling gratitude towards Ji Fengyan. With her power, she really had no need for Yan Luo Dian at all to defeat Zhai Xing Lou. Just that lightning move and this giant soldier god was enough to give Zhai Xing Lou a pain in the neck.

The people of Yan Luo Dian relaxed while the Zhai Xing Lou men were driven nearly to tears. With their giant soldier god, they had believed they were invincible with no need to fear that Heavenly Courts devil any more.

Never did they expect…

Before they could even finish their gloating, Heavenly Courts had produced their own giant soldier god.

At this moment, they just felt like crying. They never dreamed that the opponent forcing Zhai Xing Lou into a corner was not Yan Luo Dian, but that contemptible Heavenly Courts!

A complex look rose in Gong Zhiyu’s eyes as he watched that giant soldier god protecting Ji Fengyan.

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