Chapter 927 - Charge

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Chapter 927: Charge (1)

The two giant soldier gods were at a stalemate and they wrestled for a while. Their great strength meant that neither could easily wrest themselves free.

Duanmu Hongru took the opportunity to recover his composure and immediately sought Linghe and Meng Fusheng.

“Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god is under control. This is the best moment to act.”

Meng Fusheng and Linghe immediately understood Duanmu Hongru’s meaning. The giant soldier gods were currently at a stalemate. Now, they were free to attack the remaining few thousand men from Zhai Xing Lou.

With that, the three of them understood. Meng Fusheng and Linghe led a troop of a few thousand soldiers, consisting of Heavenly Soldiers and troops from Yan Luo Dian. They circled around the giant soldier gods’ battlefield and charged straight at the remains of Zhai Xing Lou’s army.

The men from Zhai Xing Lou were already at the end of their strength. If the giant soldier god had not extended their lives, they would have been killed already. Now the giant soldier god had been held up, and their deaths were imminent.

When they saw Yan Luo Dian and the Heavenly Soldiers charging at them, they panicked. They had no choice but to fight to the death.

Without the gold-cultivated monsters and the giant soldier gods, the remaining men from Zhai Xing Lou did not have sufficient fighting strength. Yan Luo Dian had previously suffered heavy losses, and their hearts were full of hatred. Now that they were allied with the Heavenly Soldiers, they vented the anger in their hearts.

In a moment, the troop from Zhai Xing Lou became embroiled in the fight. Blood flew and one could hear moans from every corner. The thick scent of blood spread over the Land of the Giant Eagle.

Although Yan Luo Dian had suffered heavy losses, they still had five or six thousand men. Together with the few thousand Heavenly Soldiers, their superior numbers formed a juggernaut. Within a short time, they utterly routed the troops from Zhai Xing Lou. They tried to escape in every direction, but all the retreat routes had been sealed.

Duanmu Hongru’s eyes were fixed on the carriage that stood amidst the melee. If he guessed correctly, Gong Zhiyu, who was in the carriage, was Zhai Xing Lou’s commander this time. Once they killed Gong Zhiyu, Zhai Xing Lou would be critically wounded.

With that, Duanmu Hongru charged straight at the carriage while others opened the way for him. He involuntarily tightened his grip on the long spear in his hand.

“Brother Duanmu, how have you been.” A bland and elegant voice drifted from the interior of the carriage.

Although they were on a tumultuous battlefield, the voice was still distinct.

Duanmu Hongru’s steps faltered. He had met Gong Zhiyu several times. At that time, relations between Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had not been so strained. His impression of Gong Zhiyu then had been rather good.

“Gong Zhiyu, you and I serve different masters. Now that things between Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou have reached this state, know that if you continue to support your father, things will not end well. Gong Qiang has done many terrible deeds. You are aware of them. I don’t understand why a person like you still wants to help him.” Duanmu Hongru could not help but speak. He truly did not understand why a person like Gong Zhiyu would help a tyrant terrorize others.

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes drooped slightly. The corners of his mouth curled in a bitter smile.

“A person like me… Elder Brother Duanmu, you think too highly of me. I am nothing.”

Duanmu Hongru frowned faintly. He opened his mouth to try once more to persuade him, but a sudden pain in his back caused him to start.

“Duanmu! Don’t be deceived by that brat’s art of verbal seduction!” Meng Fusheng stood behind Duanmu Hongru. Sweat rolled off him.

Duanmu Hongru suddenly came to his senses.

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