Chapter 928 - Charge

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Chapter 928: Charge (2)

Gong Zhiyu possessed the art of verbal seduction, and Duanmu Hongru had almost carelessly fallen into Gong Zhiyu’s trap. He clearly meant to take Gong Zhiyu’s life, but for no reason had stopped his attack and started talking to Gong Zhiyu,

In the midst of a battle, this was a death wish.

“Many thanks, Brother Meng.” Duanmu Hongru’s back was covered with cold sweat. If the surrounding members of Zhai Xing Lou had not been completely killed, he would have lost his life while they had trapped him.

Meng Fusheng shook his head. “That Gong Zhiyu is very wily. Don’t listen to him, just act.”

Duanmu Hongru immediately nodded. With Meng Fusheng, the two of them charged at the carriage in concert.

Gong Zhiyu sensed their aura. He suddenly leapt up from the carriage and flew to the carriage roof. He kept his hand, that was bleeding non-stop, behind him. He calmly looked at Duanmu Hongru and Meng Fusheng, who surrounded him.

“Up!” The two of them did not intend to give Gong Zhiyu the slightest chance, and they darted upwards.

Gong Zhiyu’s face was pale, but his expression was abnormally calm. The moment the two of them darted upwards, he plunged to one side and avoided their attack.

A beam of magic suddenly flew over from one side. Gong Zhiyu dodged it.

The sorcerer from Yan Luo Dian secretly gritted his teeth when he saw that his ambush had failed. He turned to deal with the remaining men from Zhai Xing Lou.

Although Gong Zhiyu did not attack, his movements were unusually agile. Even Duanmu Hongru and Meng Fusheng who attacked him jointly, could not hurt him at all.

This situation took the two of them by surprise.

Gong Zhiyu gave others the impression of being a weak, rich man’s son. Although he knew the art of verbal seduction and was unusually intelligent, his battling skills were not great.

This time, they discovered that they were wrong.

Gong Zhiyu’s skills were not inferior to theirs. In fact, it was much greater than theirs!

Gong Zhiyu calmly met their attack. The hand behind him still dripped blood continually. The large loss of blood caused his body to weaken, but he did not show it at all.

If they could not capture Gong Zhiyu, the battle would not end so easily. To prevent further complications, Meng Fusheng and Duanmu Hongru attacked Gong Zhiyu aggressively.

As Gong Zhiyu dodged Duanmu Hongru’s attack, his steps faltered. Meng Fusheng spotted his chance and darted over. He clung to Gong Zhiyu’s legs with a death grip and shouted at Duanmu Hongru, “Duanmu! Hurry!”

Duanmu Hongru immediately gripped the long spear in his hand tightly and dashed at him fiercely.

Meng Fusheng hung on with a death grip. Gong Zhiyu was unable to avoid the killing blow within such a short time. His eyes darkened. He could have simply broken Meng Fusheng’s neck with one blow, but he hesitated.

Just as Duanmu Hongru was about to pierce Gong Zhiyu’s chest, the giant soldier god from Zhai Xing Lou seemed to suddenly realize that Gong Zhiyu was in danger. It immediately let out a roar. Disregarding its arm, that was still in the other giant soldier god’s grip, it kicked the chest of the giant soldier god from the Heavenly Cities, then forcefully broke its own arm. The moment it was free from restraint, it rushed towards Gong Zhiyu!

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