Chapter 929 - Summoning Of The Undead

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Chapter 929: Summoning Of The Undead (1)

With one blow of his great fist, the giant soldier god flung aside Meng Fusheng, who was clutching Gong Zhiyu, and Duanmu Hongru, who was holding his spear. The giant soldier god’s strength was so great that the two men could not defend themselves from this blow. They vomited blood when they landed on the ground.

Gong Zhiyu looked in shock at the giant soldier god, which had suddenly turned back to rescue him. Complex emotions reflected in his darkened eyes.

He opened his mouth and tried to say something, but his voice caught in his throat, and he could not speak.

Meng Fusheng and Duanmu Hongru were badly injured. Linghe immediately led men to carry them off the battlefield.

By then, the giant soldier god from the Heavenly Courts had cast aside the broken arm in its hand. With a leap like a tiger, it attacked the giant soldier god from Zhai Xing Lou, which had a broken arm.

The two giant soldier gods’ strengths were originally on par. But now that the one from Zhai Xing Lou had lost an arm, when they fought again, the latter started to lose. On the other side, Yan Luo Dian and the Heavenly Soldiers surrounded the troops from Zhai Xing Lou, which were retreating. They could not resist at all. Amidst the despair and the moaning cries, all the men in black from Zhai Xing Lou were instantly annihilated.

Among all the troops from Zhai Xing Lou, only the giant soldier god with a broken arm, and the stunned Gong Zhiyu were left.

At that moment, Ji Fengyan’s figure appeared by Gong Zhiyu’s side. She looked at the pale and despondent Gong Zhiyu, her eyes filled with a complicated emotion.

“I’ve lost.” Gong Zhiyu looked at Ji Fengyan calmly, his expression unruffled. It was as if he was prepared to meet death.

The giant soldier god from Zhai Xing Lou looked as if it was about to lose. Even if they continued fighting, it was a foregone conclusion. Zhai Xing Lou had been utterly defeated in this battle, and there was no way to repair the situation.

Ji Fengyan did not speak. She only looked at Gong Zhiyu with a complicated expression. Up to now, she still did not understand why Gong Zhiyu had made this move. Unlike others, she did not believe in outward appearance. She could see that Gong Zhiyu’s soul was very pure, not filthy like villains who killed wantonly. Other than a trace of evil, he did not seem at all like someone who would help a tyrant terrorize others.

What made him do this?

Gong Zhiyu saw that Ji Fengyan still hesitated, and a fleeting trace of bitterness flashed across his eyes. However, when he raised his eyes again, his expression was unusually sharp. He spoke to Ji Fengyan directly, “Aren’t you going to act? If you don’t kill me, your men will die.”

The moment he spoke, Gong Zhiyu suddenly held his breath. With a flick of his right hand, a long, slender magic staff slid out of his sleeve, into his hand.

The magic staff looked very peculiar. Although it was as long as a man’s arm, it was only as thick as a finger. Carved reliefs of nine long, slender black snakes wound around the magic staff, and held up a gray precious stone at the tip of the staff.

When Ji Fengyan saw the magic staff, she was slightly taken aback. She could sense that this magic staff had a strong aura of death!

“We each serve different masters. If you don’t kill me today, I will kill you.” Gong Zhiyu’s cold voice emerged from his mouth. The tip of the magic staff in his hand touched the ground and a thick aura of death suddenly spread out from his feet.

A layer of gray mist rose from the ground, and a chill tainted the surrounding earth.

The aura of death spread faster and faster. The Heavenly Soldiers that had not yet withdrawn from the battlefield suddenly realized that a gray mist was seeping from the ground and rushing towards the corpses!

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