Chapter 93 - I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (3)

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Chapter 93: I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (3)

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The look of terror on that twisted face left a deep memory in Lei Xu.


The hand raised up by the gem store owner was broken from the flames. His burnt bones that was still on fire fell to the ground, along with his disappearance from the world.

No one could save him and in the end, only his burnt remains were piled up in front of Lei Xu’s horse, just like the middle-aged man.

The aura of death was still in the air.

In the old backyard, there was only a suffocating “smell of flesh” remaining.

Zhou Qi, who had been full of arrogance—after witnessing these entire processes—also stiffened in fear. He instinctively looked at Ji Fengyan. She looked just like a skinny and weak young girl, but at this instant, she was like a demon who was after people’s lives.

He instinctively backed away as his legs only had the uncontrollable thought of escaping from that place.

Lei Xu snapped out of his daze. His face was pale like a sheet.

He could not believe that everything was Ji Fengyan’s doing.

Ji Fengyan… was only a useless scum in Ji Family, how was it possible…

A strong feeling of discomfort spread across Lei Xu in this moment. He scanned through the corner of his eyes and realised that no matter if it was the family heads behind him, or Ji City’s guards that he had brought along, they all seemed to be terrified.

He could not let Ji Fengyan lead him by his nose again!

“Ji Fengyan, how are you kill people in front of everyone?!” Lei Xu suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Ji Fengyan with his shaking hands.

He had to do something otherwise… otherwise…

Ji Fengyan lifted her chin and looked at Lei Xu, who had a slight change in expression, then said, “didn’t you say that I had tried to kill people but failed? I shall actualise your accusation today. So what if I have killed someone? Not only have I killed someone, I also did it in front of you. Lei Xu, what can you do to me?”

“You are too daring! You… you practically have no respect for the law!” Lei Xu was agitated by Ji Fengyan’s haughty tone.

“You are fit to talk to me about law?” Ji Fengyan laughed and raised her brows. “To be honest, not just those two scums, you and your lackeys shall not leave alive today!”

The weak Ji Fengyan took her firm stance in front of everyone. That domineering resolute made everyone stunned.

Linghe and the other guards looked stunned at their Miss’s slender back view. It was as if he had seen the God of Death who had stood in front of all the killers and sent them to their deaths with just two strokes of her sword.

“Ji Fengyan, how dare you!” Lei Xu gritted his teeth as he stared at Ji Fengyan. He did not believe that Ji Fengyan would be so berserk.

“He,” Ji Fengyan laughed softly. “You shall see for yourself whether I dare to.”

After she said that, Ji Fengyan retracted her hands from Yang Jian’s shoulders. With her arms folded, she moved her red lips to say the words that made everyone’s blood run cold.

“Yang Jian.”


“Leave none of them alive.”


At the moment that Yang Jian received the commands, he immediately disappeared from his original position. Fear creeped up Lei Xu as the thought of death surrounded him. He could not control himself as he screamed, “release the arrows! Kill them! Zhou Qi! Quickly kill her!”

With Lei Xu’s scream, all the stunned soldiers snapped out of their daze. The fear of death made them forget their cowardice. For the sake of surviving, all of them reacted very fast and quickly drew their bows.

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