Chapter 930 - Summoning Of The Undead

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Chapter 930: Summoning Of The Undead (2)

When Linghe saw the flowing aura of death, a startling thought surfaced in his mind. His gaze pivoted towards the strange magic staff in Gong Zhiyu’s hands. His face instantly turned pale.

“Miss! It’s the Summoning of the Wights!”

Ji Fengyan was taken aback.

Summoning of the Wights?

The wights were a horrifying, legendary creature. According to legend, this race could fend off old age and death and hovered between life and death. In the eyes of all other creatures, they were already dead. However, some special power caused the aura of death to coagulate, creating a new life.

Thousands of years ago, the wights had been the most troublesome race on this earth. They did not bleed or fall sick. Neither were they troubled by weakness or age. They were powerful and mysterious. Not only did they possess a powerful death aura, they were able to control this power to bring the dead back to life as the undead.

This was a nightmare. At that point, no one dared to battle the wights. Death was common on the battlefield, but among the wights, the wight sorcerers who could resurrect the dead were a nightmare to their opponents. Wight sorcerers could resurrect those who had died in battle. These resurrected wights did not have the consciousness of the living, but were transformed into the puppets of the wight sorcerers, and joined the ranks of the wights.

In a battle of tens of thousands, the wights not only often won the final victory, the size of the wight army would have doubled since the start of the battle.

As long as other living creatures existed on this earth, and as long as these creatures died, the wights could use the power of the wight sorcerers and drag them into the ranks of the wights.

It could be said that at that time, the wights were nearly invincible.

After the wights had reached the peak of their achievements, they lost their standing. Their extended and frenzied slaughter had finally provoked an even more powerful race. Because of that, the wights’ dominance had ceased abruptly and they had gradually faded from the stage of history. Now, the wights only existed in human legends, and as a conversational topic.

However, the terror caused by the wights had come down through the ages.

The magic staff in Gong Zhiyu’s hand was a wight magic staff only a wight sorverer could wield. This kind of magic staff occasionally appeared on the black market. Even though they were already thousands of years old, the magic staffs still contained a huge amount of death aura. Ordinary people could not so much as touch it, or if they made the slightest mistake, the death aura would suck away their lives, into the magic staff.

Linghe had heard the legends of the undead, so he recognized it as a wight magic staff. What shocked him even more was that Gong Zhiyu was wielding Dharma spells human sorcerers should not control. This was something that only the undead sorcerers could wield… the Summoning of the Wights.

It was also the Summoning of the Wights that allowed the wights to dominate the world for a time.

Once the Summoning of the Wights reappeared among men, it would… definitely be a catastrophe.

Who could have imagined that the human Gong Zhiyu could actually use the Dharma artifact of the wight sorcerers, and could even wield the Summoning of the Wights!

If he was allowed to finish the summoning, not only would the few thousand dead men from Zhai Xing Lou be resurrected, even the dead from Yan Luo Dian and the Heavenly Soldiers would also be resurrected. Further, they would take instructions from Gong Zhiyu and their former allies would turn their swords on them!

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