Chapter 931 - Summoning Of The Undead

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Chapter 931: Summoning Of The Undead (3)

Ji Fengyan very quickly realized how serious the situation was. When she looked at Gong Zhiyu, she could not help but frown slightly.

He was seeking death…

A strong notion suddenly surfaced wildly in Ji Fengyan’s mind.

It was true that Gong Zhiyu’s ability to wield the Summoning of the Wights was unexpected, but… Ji Fengyan knew one thing for sure.

Sorcerers of any race would never stand in front of their enemies and openly wield powerful magic. This was tantamount to telling everyone to attack him.

Gong Zhiyu could have used the Summoning of the Wights during the battle, when Zhai Xing Lou still had a few thousand men to protect him. However, he had done nothing. Instead, he used it after they had forced him into a hopeless situation.

Ji Fengyan was not stupid. She could tell that Gong Zhiyu was forcing her to kill him.

“Gong Zhiyu, whatever the issue may be, we can still discuss it. There is no need for you…” Ji Fengyan spoke hurriedly. From start to end, she had never thought of killing Gong Zhiyu.

But Gong Zhiyu laughed. He looked at Ji Fengyan with a trace of gratitude. However… his attitude did not change at all.

“In this battle, either you or I will die. Ji Fengyan, you have no choice. I as well… have no choice.”

Gong Zhiyu continued to wield the spell with determination. As more and more death aura rushed in, the corpses on the ground started to twitch.

The Summoning of the Wights was almost complete!

Once the dead were resurrected, they would definitely cause heavy damage to the troops from Yan Luo Dian and the Heavenly Soldiers, who had just fought a major battle. However, as long as Gong Zhiyu continued the Summoning of the Wights, every dead man from Yan Luo Dian, or the Heavenly Soldiers, would add to the wight army.

There was no longer any choice.

Ji Fengyan secretly gritted her teeth. She suddenly leapt from Bai Ze’s back. The evil-vanquishing sword in her hand glittered with a cold light as she aimed it straight for Gong Zhiyu.

When Gong Zhiyu saw the approaching sword, the corners of his mouth involuntarily curved in an arc of relief.

About time this ended…

However, just as Ji Fengyan attacked Gong Zhiyu, the giant soldier god from Zhai Xing Lou suddenly erupted with huge strength. It thrust aside the giant soldier god from the Heavenly Courts and flung itself towards Gong Zhiyu.

Ji Fengyan’s sword pierced the arm of Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god, but did not harm Gong Zhiyu in the least.

An angry roar suddenly erupted from the giant soldier god’s mouth. It knelt on one knee behind Gong Zhiyu, and used its remaining arm to shield Gong Zhiyu.

The scene before them took everyone by surprise.

In the condition that Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god was in, it was definitely no match for the Heavenly Courts’ giant soldier god. However… this giant soldier god had actually protected Gong Zhiyu without directions from anyone. All this was beyond what they knew of the giant soldier gods.

Protected by the huge giant soldier god, Gong Zhiyu’s expression was one of violent shock. He felt as if someone had squeezed his heart.

“You need not protect me. It is… enough…” The trace of a bitter smile appeared on Gong Zhiyu’s face. He did not dare look at the giant soldier god.

Truly, it was enough…

Even so, the giant soldier god continued to closely protect Gong Zhiyu. It refused to retreat by even half a step.

It was as steady and resolute as a high mountain.

Ji Fengyan’s stroke had missed its target. The surrounding corpses had been resurrected to form wights. However, they had just come back to life, and their movements were still stiff. The situation had become even more urgent.

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