Chapter 934 - Human Sacrifice

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Chapter 934: Human Sacrifice (3)

Ji Fengyan instinctively looked towards the blood-covered Gong Zhiyu after she landed on the ground. The surrounding aura of death had faded, showing that the wights summoning spell had been broken.

Linghe was just preparing to lead his men forward when Ji Fengyan stopped him. She gazed at Gong Zhiyu with a complicated expression.

The Gong Zhiyu of that moment was devoid of his usual calm. He spared no thought for his own injuries, but was cradling that shriveled body tenderly in his own arms. Blood dripped down from his mouth onto that body.

“You said that you would be back soon. But it was a lie.” Gong Zhiyu smiled bitterly at the man, whose face had already gone beyond recognition. “If I had known, I would rather that it had been me…”

He knew better than anyone just who this person was.

All these years, he had been waiting for the return of this man. Perhaps he had known all along that this man had met with harm—but he continued to deceive himself.



“Gong Zhiyu.” Ji Fengyan’s eyes were full of conflicting emotions as she looked at Gong Zhiyu, quietly sitting on the floor.

Gong Zhiyu raised his head to look at Ji Fengyan. Pain and anguish was written all over his face.

“Ji Fengyan, kill me.”

Ji Fengyan was taken aback.

Why was he seeking death?

Gong Zhiyu said, “If I don’t die, I would have to continue battling you. All this will only end upon my death.”

“Master Gong, why struggle so! Our mistress has no intention of hurting you. What difficulties do you have, tell us. We will try our best to help you.” Linghe immediately understood everything. Going by his earlier actions, Gong Zhiyu had been clearly trying to force Ji Fengyan to kill him. Both the giant soldier god and the wights summoning spell had not caused any harm to a single person.

Gong Zhiyu had deliberately lowered the intensity of the battle. The only person he wished to kill was himself.

Gong Zhiyu shook his head with a bitter laugh.

“You all can’t help me. I should have died long ago.”

Ji Fengyan frowned. She could kill her enemies without mercy. But she could not bear to strike Gong Zhiyu. He had no intention of hurting anyone. His only wish was death for himself.

“If you don’t kill me, I will continue to summon the wights army. ” Gong Zhiyu took a deep breath as he looked up at Ji Fengyan in all seriousness.

Ji Fengyan quietly tightened her grip on her evil-vanquishing sword.

However, at that moment, a raspy voice suddenly sounded out of the wizened body in Gong Zhiyu’s arms.

“Yu… you are still so foolish…”

That scratchy voice shocked Gong Zhiyu to the core. He looked down at that man in disbelief.

Unbeknown to anyone, that man had opened his eyes. The gentleness in those eyes could make almost anyone forget about all the cruelties of the world.

“Eldest brother…” Gong Zhiyu spoke up in a trembling voice.

Eldest brother?

Gong Zhiyu’s address of this man had everyone dumbfounded.

The man trapped inside the giant soldier god was actually Gong Zhiyu’s eldest brother? The true young master of Zhai Xing Lou?

How could that be!

Everyone was totally stunned by the identity of that man.

At that instant, the heavily injured Meng Fusheng suddenly thought of something. He struggled to his feet. “That man is Gong Rui?!”

Gong Rui, the eldest son of Gong Qiang and the true young master of Zhai Xing Lou. He was also the elder brother of Gong Zhiyu and Gong Huiyu.

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