Chapter 935 - The Truth

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Chapter 935: The Truth (1)

Gong Rui, the eldest son of Gong Qiang and the true young master of Zhai Xing Lou. He was also the elder brother of Gong Zhiyu and Gong Huiyu.

Zhai Xing Lou was established before Yan Luo Dian and Fu Guang City. It had already existed before Meng Fusheng brought along his Blood Tribe men into the Free Valley.

At that time, Gong Zhiyu and Gong Huiyu were only youthful teenagers and did not hold major reputations across the Free Valley. Instead, it was their eldest brother, Gong Rui, who was Gong Qiang’s most formidable general.

Meng Fusheng had met Gong Rui a few times when he just arrived at the Free Valley. Although Meng Fusheng was disdainful of Gong Qiang, he had to admit that Gong Rui held an admirable aura of bravery and candidness. Meng Fusheng was about the same age as Gong Rui, and the two got along rather well. In addition, the Blood Tribe had just entered the Free Valley and had no beef with Zhai Xing Lou. As a result, the two of them hung out together sometimes. Gong Rui would even bring along some good wine and invite Meng Fusheng for a drink.

The two of them were quite familiar with each other, but not long after Meng Fusheng took over Fu Guang City, Gong Rui suddenly disappeared. Meng Fusheng visited Zhai Xing Lou several times but could not find any traces of him.

Meng Fusheng always thought Gong Qiang had sent Gong Rui on some assignment outside of the Free Valley.

He never expected that Gong Rui had been trapped inside the body of a giant soldier god all this while, becoming the power source to bring it alive.

“Ah… Brother Meng… it’s been a long time…” The shriveled man greeted Meng Fusheng on hearing his voice.

Meng Fusheng’s eyes turned red at this familiar greeting. Disregarding his injuries, he shrugged off the Blood Tribe men supporting him and stepped forward. Bile rose in his throat as he stared at that half-dead Gong Rui.

“Gong Rui, you… what happened to you?” Meng Fusheng’s eyes were bloodshot. Gong Rui was the very first friend he made inside the Free Valley. It was also Gong Rui who cautioned him against provoking Zhai Xing Lou.

Gong Rui’s situation was truly deplorable. Having been trapped inside the giant soldier god for so many years. His physical functionalities have deteriorated to almost zero. Even speaking was a strain on him, not to mention moving.

“Eldest brother, what the hell happened…” Gong Zhiyu stared unwavering at Gong Rui. His eyes were full of rage and despair.

“Yu, I have caused you to worry. I am not a good eldest brother…” Gong Rui spoke with strenuous effort.

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes were so red they were nearly bleeding blood.

Not a good eldest brother?

Anyone else in this world could say that, but not Gong Rui.

Gong Zhiyu clearly remembered that if not for Gong Rui’s protection that year, he and Gong Huiyu would probably have ceased to exist…

Gong Rui gazed weakly into his little brother’s bloodshot eyes, his heart full of frustration. He had so much that he wanted to say, but he was well aware that activating the giant soldier god had already drained all of his life force and he didn’t have much time left. With much difficulty, he turned his eyes towards Ji Fengyan.

“Young lady, you are very powerful… previously… I saw everything while I was inside the giant soldier god… you seem to know Yu… I want to thank you for not harming my silly little brother… I… can I ask a favor from you?”

Ji Fengyan was stunned. “Please ask.”

“Save him…”

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