Chapter 938 - Live On

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Chapter 938: Live On (1)

Apart from Gong Huiyu, Gong Qiang had sacrificed all his adopted kids as test subjects for his gold cultivation. Meanwhile, Gong Rui could only watch helplessly from inside the giant soldier god’s body.

Gong Qiang had spared Gong Huiyu only to use him as leverage to control Gong Zhiyu.

As long as Gong Huiyu remained in Gong Qiang’s hands, Gong Zhiyu did not dare to retaliate. He needed to protect the one little brother he had left.

Anytime Gong Zhiyu exhibited the least bit of rebellion, Gong Qiang would immediately threaten him with Gong Huiyu.

Gong Zhiyu dared not rage nor flee. He could only obey.

So although he was unwilling to carry out any killings and unwilling to be Ji Fengyan’s enemy, he had no choice but to fight on. Only by dying in battle would he gain release and also not turn Gong Qiang onto Gong Huiyu.

“This fool, being trapped for so many years… young girl, do help him.” Gong Rui was using up his last breaths to plead for the rescue of his little brother.

Tears were already streaming down Gong Zhiyu’s face. His lips were bloody from being bitten, but he remained silent.

The entire congregation was thunderstruck by Zhai Xing Lou’s secret sinister deeds. Although they knew Gong Qiang was an evil person, they didn’t realize he had already lost all sense of humanity. Torturing his own children like a bunch of animals. He was not fit to be called a human.

Ji Fengyan took a deep breath to suppress her inner rage. She stepped forward, intending to try and save Gong Rui.

Gong Zhiyu lifted his head and looked at Ji Fengyan with eyes full of sadness.

Perhaps he had never dreamed that his beloved eldest brother had always been by his side—but existed in such a wretched state.

“Could you let me look at his condition?” Ji Fengyan asked in a gentle voice.

Gong Zhiyu nodded.

Ji Fengyan squatted down to look over Gong Rui’s condition. But the more she looked, the more angry she became.

Gong Rui’s physical body had no traces of the human form left. Even more scary was the fact that his internal organs had already been taken out and his abdomen filled with strange gold cultivated objects. There were totally no organic human material left.

“…” Ji Fengyan couldn’t imagine how Gong Rui had survived till now, even being able to speak.

If such a thing happened to anyone else, that person would have already died a million times over!

“No need to see… my time is up… Gong Qiang has already changed me into such a hideous state. My body only contains gold cultivated objects. I… in this condition… can no longer be called a human?” Gong Rui was well aware of his condition and had already made peace with it. The reason he could stay within the giant soldier god and control its actions, was only because of his powerful need to protect his little brother.

But he had already gone beyond any hope of rescue.

Ji Fengyan remained silent. She knew Gong Rui was speaking the truth.

Even she could not save a life so completely changed by gold cultivation.

“I am sorry…” Ji Fengyan’s voice was raspy. No one knew whether the apology was directed at Gong Rui or Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Zhiyu didn’t speak but just continued to hold on to Gong Rui.

“Yu, I know what you are worried about, but… this is my final request to you as your elder brother… please live on…”

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