Chapter 939 - Live On

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Chapter 939: Live On (2)

I know you are already physically and emotionally exhausted.

I know all your hopes have turned to dust.

But please live on.

With that very last sliver of hope, live on…

As long as you live, there would always be hope.

Gong Rui’s life had already come to its end. Perhaps in his rough life, the only comfort he had was that bunch of brothers and sisters who so relied upon him and looked up to him?

Even with no real blood ties, they had become the greatest emotional yokes in his life. He would protect them at all costs, even giving up his own life.

Gong Rui’s eyelids grew heavier. He was too tired…

Finally, he could now rest.

As he breathed his last, Gong Rui’s body also lost its final touch of warmth. He fell into a forever slumber in his little brother’s arms.

Gong Zhiyu held Gong Rui’s body, his shoulders shaking painfully. He had strove on so bitterly all these years for his little brother, and also for the hope of seeing his eldest brother again…

Never did he expect that they would be separated forever after this meeting.

Ji Fengyan lowered her eyes and took a step back to allow Gong Zhiyu his moment.

“Miss…” Linghe walked to Ji Fengyan’s side. His eyes were already red-rimmed.

“Have everyone regrouped and return to Heavenly Courts tomorrow,” Ji Fengyan said blandly.

Linghe was startled. “What about Zhai Xing Lou?”

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists. “In three days’ time, there will not be any Zhai Xing Lou on this earth!”

At the beginning, she may have had the same goal, but for different reasons. Now, Ji Fengyan did not care for anything else. She just wanted to chop off Gong Qiang’s head from that revolting body!

“Miss, we will go with you!”

“Our queen, we will go along too!”

Gong Rui’s words had already incited the crowd. Although these were a bunch of ex-criminals, there was something which they definitely could not tolerate.

And that was harming innocent children!

Although the Free Valley received many criminals, there were two types of wrongdoers they would never accept.

Those who bullied women, and those who harmed children.

They would beat these two types of people to death if they set foot inside the Free Valley!

“All of you go back. The art of gold cultivation is not something that you can handle now. I, alone, am enough,” Ji Fengyan commanded in an unemotional voice. Gong Qiang had been at the Free Valley for many years. Today’s battle had already revealed a power unbeknown to anyone. No one knew just how many more tricks he had hidden up his sleeves. She was unwilling to risk the lives of her own men.

Under Ji Fengyan’s strong will, the group could only lower their heads reluctantly. They all secretly vowed to become stronger and not become a burden to Ji Fengyan.

Gong Rui had passed on and Gong Zhiyu was grievously injured. After a period of solemn grieving, Gong Zhiyu straightened up and lifted Gong Rui’s body with him.

“Ji Fengyan, can I bury my eldest brother beside Heavenly Courts? He said before that the scenery there is very beautiful,” Gong Zhiyu asked without expression. His eyes were like blank holes.

Meng Fusheng’s heart lurched painfully. He remembered that Gong Rui had told him before, during one of their drinking sessions, that his favorite spot in the entire Free Valley was that great piece of land right outside Fu Guang City.

Full of freedom and vastness.

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