Chapter 94 - I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (4)

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Chapter 94: I Shall Actualise Your Accusations! (4)

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Zhou Qi also charged towards the instigator Ji Fengyan at the first instant.


It was all too late.

Yang Jian was like a spirit that no one could see clearly. What could only be seen was a faint shadow flashing across midair.

All the arrowheads were broken the minute they were released and none of them could even get close to Ji Fengyan.

Fresh blood splattered at this moment, and miserable shrieks were heard. Lei Xu watched with his own eyes as those soldiers that he had brought with him all slaughtered by that shadow, leaving them with no chance of fighting back.

A heavy smell of blood wound up Lei Xu’s nose, as if the God of Death’s sickle had pierced through his throat, making him unable to breathe.

“Zhou Qi! Zhou Qi quick!”

At that moment, Lei Xu could only place all his hopes on Zhou Qi.

Zhou Qi’s capabilities could be said to be the best in Ji City, and only him could redeem everything.

Zhou Qi continued to break out in a cold sweat as he charged towards Ji Fengyan, who was standing motionless at her original position.

“Miss!” Linghe shouted in fear as he carried his sword and lunged.


Zhou Qi’s sword was already raised high up and was aiming at Ji Fengyan’s head.

But Ji Fengyan continued to stand at her original position without moving. Zhou Qi’s eyes flashed brightly as the happiness that was about to arrive was gradually revealed at the corner of his lips.



Zhou Qi’s sword did not hit Ji Fengyan’s head at all. Rather, it was at a distance half a palm away from her head and was ‘gently’ wedged between two long and slender fingers.

Zhou Qi stared at Ji Fengyan, who had easily held onto his full-blown attack with just two fingers. No matter how much strength he had used, his sword still stayed there without moving an inch.

Ji Fengyan slightly lifted her head and her smiling eyes met with Zhou Qi’s terrified eyes.

“How could a mere mortal fight against an immortal?” Ji Fengyan’s lips curled into a smile as she said the words that made Zhou Qi’s blood run cold.

Ji Fengyan flicked her fingers that were holding onto the sword.

A formless energy suddenly spread from the sword that was extremely solid, causing it to shake. That motion was quickly transferred to Zhou Qi, who was holding the sword.

Zhou Qi instinctively released his hands that were holding onto the sword.

At the moment that he released his grip, the sword that was shaking continuously shattered with a loud clang. That sword that Zhou Qi had taken pride in instantly turned into countless metal pieces and scattered in front of Ji Fengyan’s legs, just before his own eyes.

“Even a useless scum like you is also fit to fight with Brother Ling?” Ji Fengyan tilted her head and her eyes narrowed.

Even though she could not survive her heavenly tribulation, the spirit in her previous life had already ascended to the level of a half immortal. Even if her inner core was crushed, dealing with these mortals would not waste too much energy.

Life and death, giving and taking—these were easily within her control.

After Ji Fengyan finished her sentence, she casually waved her right hand and a cold wind blew from her wide sleeves. The wind quickly gathered the metal pieces of the sword from the ground and directed it at Zhou Qi, who was dumbstruck.

It was as if a cold wind had brushed against him. Zhou Qi did not feel any different throughout his body, yet a heavy smell of blood entered his nose.

He instinctively looked down and saw that his entire body was suddenly streaming with blood!

There were holes formed all over his body by those metal pieces and the fresh blood dripped down his armour and stained the ground beneath him red.

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