Chapter 940 - Live On

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Chapter 940: Live On (3)

“Yes.” Ji Fengyan agreed.

Gong Zhiyu nodded and after another glance at Gong Rui, he handed the body to Linghe.

“I will accompany you to Zhai Xing Lou.” Gong Zhiyu took a deep breath as he looked at Ji Fengyan.

It startled Ji Fengyan. Gong Zhiyu was gravely injured. How could he hope to gain control over Zhai Xing Lou? Was he just looking to die?

“No. Your brother is still in Gong Qiang’s hands. If you go, Gong Qiang will use him to control you.” Ji Fengyan steeled her heart and rejected him. She knew that Gong Zhiyu was following Gong Rui’s request to live on. He wanted to seek revenge for Gong Rui, but in his current condition, he would probably die soon if he did not get medical help.

But this time, Gong Zhiyu did not relent.

“It is because Hui Yu is at Zhai Xing Lou that I must go. No one knows more about Zhai Xing Lou’s situation than me. Only with me can you exterminate it. Gong Qiang has already dug a massive network of tunnels under Zhai Xing Lou. Once he enters it, those unfamiliar with the tunnels can never find him,” Gong Zhiyu said resolutely.

Ji Fengyan frowned and wanted to persuade him again, but was halted by Gong Zhiyu’s determined eyes.

His eyes were burning with the fire of revenge.

“Alright, but once we are there, you must listen to me. I promised your eldest brother to protect you. I cannot let you die.” Ji Fengyan acceded to Gong Zhiyu’s request.

Gong Rui was no longer around. At this point, the thing that Gong Zhiyu most wanted to do was to rescue his brothers and sisters from Gong Qiang’s evil clutches. How could Ji Fengyan refuse him that?

Gong Zhiyu nodded and wiped the blood off his lips. His pale face was worrying and Ji Fengyan took out numerous elixirs from her Space Soul Jade for Gong Zhiyu.

These elixirs could stabilize Gong Zhiyu’s condition, but only temporarily. She needed to settle this matter regarding Zhai Xing Lou as soon as possible, so that Gong Zhiyu could undergo a more comprehensive medical treatment.

Gong Zhiyu consumed the elixirs without hesitation. He had been mentally bound to the giant soldier god for so many years, causing much degeneration to his body. He had already made peace with his own death. If not for Gong Rui’s urging, he had no other reason to live.

Zhai Xing Lou had been defeated and Gong Zhiyu continued to live. But the war was far from being over.

This time, everyone in Zhai Xing Lou had perished apart from Gong Zhiyu. This meant that Zhai Xing Lou wouldn’t receive news of this result that quickly. Taking advantage of this lag time, Ji Fengyan needed to provide Gong Zhiyu some medical attention, to ensure that he could last the impending battle.

Yan Luo Dian had suffered heavy losses this time. Their men could not sustain the continuous fight. Ji Fengyan didn’t let them join this second round of battle but had them go back to Chi Tong with the message that she would settle things with Zhai Xing Lou herself.

Duanmu Hongru was injured but was supported by his men to stand before Ji Fengyan. He thanked her for help.

If not for Ji Fengyan, Gong Zhiyu would have defeated Yan Luo Dian.

“City Lord Ji must be extra cautious. Yan Luo Dian will forever remember your great favor to us. If you ever need our help in the future, just say the word and we will come. I am only alive because of you, and I am willing to do anything for you in the future.” Duanmu Hongru cupped his hands together in salute.

Ji Fengyan hurriedly held him up. “This was just what we had agreed upon previously. No need to be like that. After the matter with Zhai Xing Lou has been settled, I will visit Yan Luo Dian and call upon your City Lord.”

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