Chapter 941 - Live On

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Chapter 941: Live On (4)

The Yan Luo Dian men left after packing up.

The Heavenly Courts men lingered on but were eventually chased back by Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan checked on Gong Zhiyu’s wounds, discovering that he was more heavily injured than she expected. Estimating the time he had left, she immediately took out her single-handed sword and flew with Gong Zhiyu in tow.

There was one place where Gong Zhiyu might be saved.

There might still be time!

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes shone as he looked down at the Free Valley while flying with Ji Fengyan.

“My eldest brother… loved freedom. He said before that if he could leave one day, he wanted to travel to the outside world and tour the mountains and rivers all over,” Gong Zhiyu said while trying to contain his own emotions.

Ji Fengyan didn’t know how to reply to that.

“Actually, I already had a premonition that he would probably never return. Gong Qiang holds not the least bit of benevolence towards anyone. He would never have given up control over the eldest brother. Instead, I have been… deceiving myself for so many years, only to end up a right joke… if I had discovered this earlier…”

“You would probably have long been dead if you had found out that your eldest brother was trapped inside the giant soldier god.” Ji Fengyan understood Gong Zhiyu’s pain but couldn’t help pointing out to him the cruel reality.

Gong Zhiyu gave a bitter laugh. “You are right.”

“Just live on and help live the life your eldest brother never had. Visit all those mountains and rivers that he never got to see. Go wherever he wants to go.” Ji Fengyan spoke gently. She had already decided to perform a death rite for Gong Rui right after she settled Zhai Xing Lou, to help his soul find peace.

Gong Zhiyu gave a slight start before lowering his eyes.

“Am I even worthy of doing that?”

“You are your eldest brother’s most beloved little brother.”

Gong Zhiyu remained silent as Gong Rui’s words continued to play in his mind. He hardened his resolve.

Death would never solve this problem. The only way out was to live on and face all the challenges and unfairness head on.

Regardless of how many difficulties life had in store, as long as one held faith, there would come the day when one was strong enough to break free of all constraints and step onto the path of hope and light.

All suffering would come to an eventual end.

Men must never bow down to fate.

To make time, Ji Fengyan sped across the sky like a shooting star.

Before long, she finally reached the Forest of Freedom. With Gong Zhiyu in tow, she descended in the direction of the Moonlight Lake.

Gong Zhiyu had never entered the Forest of Freedom before, and couldn’t help feeling shocked when he saw that gently rippling Moonlight Lake.

“Rhinoceros Beast!” Ji Fengyan immediately called out after landing on the ground.

In just a short while, the rhinoceros beast walked out of the forest.

[What do you need, my friend?]

“He has suffered grievous injuries and needs the Moonlight Lake to save his life. Could you please help?” Ji Fengyan asked in haste.

The rhinoceros beast surveyed Gong Zhiyu’s body and discovered that although his soul was rather weak, it was not least bit tainted. It nodded.

[It will be my honor to save this human. The Moonlight Lake is open to him.]

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