Chapter 97 - The Power of a Terminator (2)

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Chapter 97: The Power of a Terminator (2)

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There was a dull golden necklace around Ji Fengyan’s neck.

The necklace was tightly wrapped around Ji Fengyan’s neck, leaving no gap at all, as if it was naturally on her neck. There was a small silver pendant that was the size of a quail’s egg at the bottom part of the necklace. In the middle of the pendant, there was a glistening gem and a strange incantation spread around the entire pendant from the gem.

The pendant did not look majestic but the moment it appeared; it made everyone surprised.

It was the World-Termination-Armour!

After everyone saw clearly, they all took a deep breath.

In every kingdom, the main battling force against the Demon Clan was the terminator who owned the World-Termination-Armour. According to rumours, the World-Termination-Armour could only be possessed by someone with the bloodline of the terminator. A small mark was left behind, and after the terminator’s power was activated, it can possess an immense power from the armour!

Wasn’t the one that Ji Fengyan was wearing on her neck the mark of the World-Termination-Armour?!

In this instant, everyone understood.

Ji Fengyan was the true City Lord of Ji City.

Every terminator would gain control over a city after inheriting the World-Termination-Armour and Ji City was the city that Your Majesty had appointed to Ji Fengyan.

With this in mind, everything that Lei Xu had done previously was easily seen through.

He had obviously been unwilling to give up on the role of Ji City’s City Lord and wanted to force Ji Fengyan to give in to him. As such, he had tried to bring about Ji Fengyan and Lei Min’s marriage so that he could continue to control Ji City.

It was a pity that Ji Fengyan was not someone whom he could easily grasp.

And that dear son of his also did not attract Ji Fengyan.

No one was concerned about whether there was indeed an engagement, but everyone wanted to know how Ji Fengyan would punish Lei Xu.

Even the terminator needed to inform His Majesty and obtain his decree before punishing an assistant City Lord.

This was the final hope that Lei Xu was hanging on to.

But just when everyone was shocked by Ji Fengyans true identity, Liu Huo was stunned after seeing the mark of World-Termination-Armour on Ji Fengyan’s neck. His gaze at Ji Fengyan suddenly was filled with conflicted emotions, and his good-looking brows were frowning unknowingly.

She was actually the terminator?

Lei Xu looked at Ji Fengyan as his sweat trickled down like raindrops.

“Lei Xu, I know what you are thinking. But I am curious to know that if I do not care about the rules and kill you now, would His Majesty give the order to behead me for such a despicable person like you?” Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled into a dangerous smile. The words that she said made Lei Xu feel as if his heart was hopefully being engulfed.

How would a lowly assistant City Lord of Ji City be of equal importance as a highly ranked and powerful terminator?

This answer was already very obvious.

Lei Xu sat hopelessly on the ground, and instantly his face looked like it had aged 10 years as he loosened his grip around Ji Fengyan’s lower thigh.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes flashed with a smile.

Suddenly, Lei Xu thought of something and wanted to open his mouth. “Wait, elder…”


Unfortunately, Lei Xu did not finish his sentence in the end.

Ji Fengyan’s hand had already gently sliced through his throat. Instantly, his head flew out along with Ji Fengyan’s action.

Hot fresh blood splattered from Lei Xu’s throat.

As the drops of fresh blood splattered everywhere, it was also the end of Lei Xu’s life of greed.

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