Chapter 973 - A Malicious Curse

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Chapter 973: A Malicious Curse (2)

Little Chi Tong’s condition was very similar to that parasitic state. But after searching his body with her vital energy for some time, Ji Fengyan failed to discover anything that looked like a parasite. She couldn’t help feeling somewhat perplexed.

“City Lord Ji, what’s the matter?” Duanmu Hongru looked at Ji Fengyan anxiously.

Ji Fengyan drew back her hand and looked straight at little Chi Tong. “Could you tell me how you contract this curse?”

Little Chi Tong kept silent for a moment before speaking. “It was inflicted upon me by the people of the Divine Temple.”

“Divine Temple?” Ji Fengyan was taken aback. She was unfamiliar with these two words.

Duanmu Hongru explained.

The Divine Temple was a higher power which every Emperor across all the kingdoms had to look up to. In the past, the humans used to be completely outmatched by the demons. Unable to defend against the demon attacks, humanity was going to be annihilated soon. But one day, a group of people suddenly descended before the despondent humans.

They bestowed upon humanity the power to defend against the demons. And that was the World-Termination-Armour currently used by every kingdom!

After leaving the World-Termination-Armour and the secret to cultivating Terminators with the humans, these groups of people departed. From then on, their force was called Divine Temple.

The Divine Temple overrode all sovereign powers. Even the most powerful Emperor from the Kingdom of Sa Er would have to bow down to a Divine Temple member. In addition, the existence of the Divine Temple was known only to the highest powers in each kingdom. Nevertheless, there have been many heroic legends regarding the Divine Temple. To the common folk, it had become a symbol of the world’s savior, and a holy paradise everyone aspired to reach.

However, members of the Divine Temple seldom appeared before anyone. They were more like myths passed on by word of mouth.

Chi Tong was not a Terminator, but possessed such a powerful natural aptitude that he was able to subdue any Terminator. In the entire Kingdom of Sa Er, no Terminator was able to stand in his way. Regarding the Divine Temple, Chi Tong had also only heard legends about them.

He never expected…

One day, Chi Tong would meet people from the Divine Temple.

At that time, Chi Tong’s troops had already taken control of the capital city of the Kingdom of Xi. They were searching the area for hiding enemy forces when Duanmu Hongru discovered a secret underground palace beneath the Xi Palace. Inside the underground palace was an old piece of bone bound by multiple chains. And that bone radiated a powerful demon aura.

Duanmu Hongru didn’t put much thought into it then. As Chi Tong was powerful enough, they had no Terminator within their troops. After discovering that piece of demon bone, Duanmu Hongru immediately reported back to Chi Tong. Thereafter, Chi Tong also detected the immense power held by that bone. Unable to break the tough chains securing it, Chi Tong sent news back to the Kingdom of Sa Er, while he and his men stayed on to secure the Xi capital.

Half a month later, troops from Sa Er suddenly appeared and attacked Chi Tong and his men.

At that point in time, Chi Tong’s army had already sustained more injuries and fatalities in the earlier war with the Kingdom of Xi. They had also not been prepared for an attack when they noticed the Sa Er troops, but had instead opened the city gates to welcome their comrades. They never expected… a nightmare was about to begin.

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