Chapter 974 - A Malicious Curse (3)

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Chapter 974: A Malicious Curse (3)

After they opened the gates, the Sa Er troops immediately attacked Chi Tong and his men, on accusations of them being traitors to their country.

Duanmu Hongru and company never dreamed that they had actually been invited to a massacre. None of the soldiers inside the city were prepared. They were at a total loss at the sudden attack.

Chi Tong instantly reacted and tried to commence talks with the general sent by the Kingdom of Sa Er, to see if it was all just a misunderstanding. In the end… the general had no intention of talking and immediately struck on seeing Chi Tong.

For that attack, the Kingdom of Sa Er had sent forth over a hundred Terminators, all leading massive troops. They had Chi Tong and his men surrounded inside the Xi capital city.

It was a real nightmare, that Duanmu Hongru could still recall to this day. He never thought that the soldiers whom he had fought alongside before would actually turn around and attack them?

Under the forceful attack of more than a hundred Terminators leading an immense military force, Chi Tong and his men were pushed into a desperate corner. As his own men died one by one, Chi Tong led his remaining troops in a counterattack, hoping to kill their way out and escape.

Caught in such a critical situation, Chi Tong maintained his usual calm and led his men forward. At one point, it appeared they would be able to make their way through and flee, but in the end… they were blocked by a person right outside the city gates.

Having recounted the story Duanmu Hongru instinctively looked towards Chi Tong with eyes filled with anguish.

Even till today, Duanmu Hongru still remembered that tall figure garbed in a silver-white robe and riding upon a white stallion. He had appeared before them like a god. And that was also the first time he had seen the silver leaf insignia that represented the Divine Temple.

This person was from the Divine Temple and his appearance had cut off their escape route. Chi Tong was injured by that person while trying to protect his own men and somehow was inflicted by that evil curse.

In the end, those few thousand soldiers had used their lives to exchange for a chance at escape for Chi Tong. Duanmu Hongru and a few dozen men carried an unconscious Chi Tong and fled the scene. The few thousand men who remained in the Kingdom of Xi all perished.

When he first entered the Kingdom of Xi, Chi Tong’s army numbered in the hundreds of thousands. His army still held over a hundred thousand men after they successfully took down the Xi capital city.


After escaping from the Kingdom of Xi, only twenty-plus people were left…

Who would have thought that all those soldiers had actually died at the hands of their very own Kingdom of Sa Er?

Ji Fengyan listened in wonder at Duanmu Hongru’s narration. Her heart gave a violent jump.

She had already known of the secret behind the World-Termination-Armour and Terminators. Ji Fengyan didn’t believe that Divine Temple was any kind of savior. But what shocked her was the demon bone they had discovered beneath the Xi palace.

Involuntarily, Ji Fengyan started recalling everything that happened during her time in that underground palace beneath the capital institute. She subconsciously touched her own chest.

It was that piece of demon bone at the capital institute which sustained her through that major battle. It had also revealed to her the history of that bone.

Could it be…

That bone beneath the Xi palace was also a part of the demon god?

The moment that idea popped into Ji Fengyan’s mind—the demon god, who had been quiet for the past few months, suddenly spoke up.

[You guessed right. That is my bone.]

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