Chapter 976 - Call Me Dad (1)

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Chapter 976: Call Me Dad (1)

No one knew why Ji Fengyan wanted to bring Chi Tong to the Forest of Freedom. Although Chi Tong had agreed, Duanmu Hongru was worried. However, upon reflection, he realized that with Ji Fengyan’s power, if she wanted to harm Chi Tong, she need not go about it in a roundabout manner. She alone sufficed to oppose the entire Yan Luo Dian.

With that thought, Duanmu Hongru stopped worrying. He immediately ordered men to make preparations to set off for the Forest of Freedom.


The next morning, Ji Fengyan saw more than a hundred devil-masked men outside Yan Luo Dian, all neatly arrayed and ready to set off. Behind them was a self-righteous looking Duanmu Hongru. She could not help but lean her forehead against her hand and smile.

“What are you doing?”

Duanmu Hongru replied seriously. “City Lord Ji, didn’t you say yesterday that you are going to the Forest of Freedom? We spent the night preparing field rations, water, and poison antidotes. Don’t worry, these few hundred men are the elite of Yan Luo Dian. No matter what danger you might meet in the Forest of Freedom, they will do their best to protect you and our Master.”

“Protect me?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows. Her lips arched in a half smile.

Duanmu Hongru had not yet noticed Ji Fengyan’s odd reaction. He earnestly recounted to Ji Fengyan and the others all the dangers that Yan Luo Dian had encountered previously when searching the Forest of Freedom. When she saw his air of a “veteran” Ji Fengyan did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“You need not worry. Just hand your Master over to me and go about your business.” Ji Fengyan waved her hand and took her single-handed sword from her Space Soul Jade. As everyone stared at her, she took little Chi Tong into her arms. She stepped onto the single-handed sword and took off into the air.

The jaws of Duanmu Hongru, and the troop of men who were standing outside Yan Luo Dian, dropped to the ground with a clang.

Meng Fusheng panicked. If Ji Fengyan took off like that, what would happen to him?

“Queen!! Me! I’m still here!”

Ji Fengyan swept a glance at Meng Fusheng, then said to the stunned Duanmu Hongru, “I’ll leave that fellow with you as a hostage.” When she finished speaking, she carried little Chi Tong and vanished.

Meng Fusheng collapsed onto the ground as he looked mournfully at Ji Fengyan, who was flying further and further away.

How did I become a hostage?! Was this my dear queen!

Duanmu Hongru snapped out of his trance with difficulty, then looked pityingly at Meng Fusheng. Then he advanced and patted Meng Fusheng’s shoulder.

“Brother Meng, don’t worry. We treat our hostages well.”

Meng Fusheng almost exploded.

You are the hostage! Your entire family are hostages!


No amount of moaning would alter reality. Meng Fusheng had no choice but to gloomily follow Duanmu Hongru back to Yan Luo Dian. Along the way, the voices of the devil-masked men continually rang in his ears as they admired and exclaimed over Ji Fengyan’s Sword Kinesis Flight .

“Elder Brother Meng, your City Lord is so powerful. What was that? How did she seize flight?”

“Can the sword be bought in the Heavenly Courts? Is it expensive?”

The devil-masked men, who had seen their companions buy many strange things from the Heavenly Courts, involuntarily began to imagine whether they could also fly so gracefully one day.

Meng Fusheng glanced at them plaintively and snapped, “I’m in a foul mood. Don’t bother me.”


Meng Fusheng’s warning was in vain. The group of devil-masked men continued to chatter at him. Once Chi Tong returned, they were all prepared to pack their bags and gather their money to go shopping in the Heavenly Courts.

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