Chapter 977 - : Call Me Dad (2)

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Chapter 977: Call Me Dad (2)

This was the first time little Chi Tong experienced Sword Kinesis Flight. Although he was already used to his small body, he could not help but blush when he was embraced by a girl younger than him.

However, Ji Fengyan did not think much about it. She merely controlled her single-handed sword and flew swiftly on.

In a short while, the two of them arrived at the Forest of Freedom. Little Chi Tong’s face showed some wariness. Because of his body, he had not been to the Forest of Freedom. However, he had heard from Duanmu Hongru and the others that the Forest of Freedom contained many dangers. Now that he was above the forest, he could not help but grow wary.

A giant two-headed eagle suddenly flew towards them. Little Chi Tong was just about to warn Ji Fengyan when he saw…

“Oi, off to incubate eggs again?” Ji Fengyan smilingly waved her free hand at the double-headed giant eagle.

This double-headed giant eagle was very rare and had powerful fighting abilities. Even the strongest swordsman would be hard put to fight it. But… in Ji Fengyan’s eyes, the double-headed giant eagle was just a monstrosity.

The double-headed giant eagle was a natural hermaphrodite and could reproduce by itself. However, its reproduction rate was very slow and it only laid one egg every three years. Despite this, the double-headed giant eagle had very strong nesting instincts. When it had no eggs to incubate, it would sweep through the forest, howling. When other birds that had laid eggs left their nests to look for food, it immediately pounced on the nest and incubated the eggs…

As a result, many of the birds that went looking for food in the Forest of Freedom often returned to their nest to find a giant creature squatting over their eggs. However, because the double-headed giant eagle had such strong fighting abilities, these parents could do nothing but quiver on a nearby branch as they watched their own eggs forcibly seized by this shameless giant eagle.

Ji Fengyan had seen this double-headed giant eagle before at the Moonlight lake. She had learnt much about its habits from the Rhinoceros Beast and had even mocked the fellow a few times.

The moment the double-headed giant eagle saw Ji Fengyan, it did not wait to be mocked. It proudly turned its two giant heads aside and quickly flew past Ji Fengyan guiltily.

Little Chi Tong’s expression was rather odd. If he remembered correctly, Duanmu Hongru and the others had also encountered the giant double-headed eagle in the Forest of Freedom. Then, Yan Luo Dian had sent about fifty or sixty people, but the double-headed giant eagle had forced them to flee through the forest.

Now, he saw that Ji Fengyan had just said a few words and the double-headed giant eagle had sneaked away guiltily.

Little Chi Tong could not help but suspect…

That Duanmu Hongru and the others were exaggerating.

After a short while, Ji Fengyan brought little Chi Tong to the side of Moonlight Lake.

After they landed, little Chi Tong’s gaze suddenly fell on a pure white figure standing by the lake.

“Rhinoceros Beast?” Little Chi Tong looked in surprise at the pure creature. He could barely believe his eyes.

By then, Ji Fengyan had landed. She carried little Chi Tong and walked directly over to the Rhinoceros Beast. The Rhinoceros Beast turned to look at Ji Fengyan, but it did not seem to hesitate or be afraid. Instead, it headed straight for Ji Fengyan.

[My friend, you’ve come.]

The Rhinoceros Beast’s gaze moved from Ji Fengyan to little Chi Tong. Its large, pure eyes held a trace of uncertainty. [My friend, is this your child?]

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