Chapter 979 - Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (1)

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Chapter 979: Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (1)

This was all completely different from what little Chi Tong knew of the Forest of Freedom.

“Magical, right?” Ji Fengyan sat upon the grass and grinned at the wonder on little Chi Tong’s face.

Little Chi Tong turned around to face Ji Fengyan. “This differs totally from what Duanmu and gang described to me.”

Ji Fengyan replied, “No, it’s the same. It’s just that Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou entered the forest to plunder and hunt, while we seek help.”

Little Chi Tong sank deep into thought at Ji Fengyan’s words. All these years, both Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had constantly raided the Forest of Freedom. They had subconsciously made enemies of all the living creatures inside this forest, which was why they felt the place was dangerous. But to the creatures living here, weren’t they the ones who were barbaric intruders?

“I understand now. Therefore, you want full control over the Forest of Freedom.” Little Chi Tong looked up at Ji Fengyan. At this moment, he understood Ji Fengyan’s motives.

Ji Fengyan didn’t wish to monopolize the resources here, but to return peace to the Forest of Freedom.

Ji Fengyan smiled but didn’t reply.

Two figures, one large and one small, sat beside the Moonlight Lake to enjoy a rare moment of tranquility.

Nearly half a day had galloped by, and that bunch of green creatures once again appeared. This time, a few dozen of them had gathered together to carry two brilliant red flowers over. Huffing and puffing, they placed the flowers by the hooves of the rhinoceros beast. After that, they immediately scurried back to the trees. However, they didn’t leave but remained hiding there among the leaves, watching little Chi Tong and Ji Fengyan with curious eyes.

A more daring green creature rolled over to Ji Fengyan and looked at her without fear. It even climbed up her sleeve and settled down contentedly on her shoulder.

Amused by its antics, Ji Fengyan looked up at the rhinoceros beast.

The beast had gathered the flowers brought over by the forest spirits in its mouth. It then slowly walked before Ji Fengyan and little Chi Tong.

When Ji Fengyan saw what the rhinoceros beast was holding in its mouth, her smile froze.

“Twin everlasting feelings flower?” Ji Fengyan stared at the two fiery flowers, her eyes full of amazement.

The flowers dangling from the rhinoceros beast’s mouth looked like they had been born from flames. The dazzling red and colors shone under the sunlight.

Ji Fengyan was all too familiar with this flower!

When she was still at Ji City, and the first time she had met Gong Zhiyu—she had used a pile of minerals to exchange for a twin everlasting feelings flower.

It was because of this very flower that she had made an enemy out of the Eldest Princess.

Now that she thought of it, although the twin everlasting feelings flower was a rare item—Gong Zhiyu came from the Free Valley, where Zhai Xing Lou had been exploring the Forest of Freedom for many years. It was not surprising he had one in his possession.


Ji Fengyan couldn’t remain calm. She frowned and looked at the rhinoceros beast with a confused expression.

The rhinoceros beast placed the twin everlasting feelings flowers beside little Chi Tong and said, [Eat it. It can suppress the curse within your body and nourish you. After using it for some time, the curse will be dissolved.]

Little Chi Tong picked up one of the flowers and turned to look at Ji Fengyan, only to discover…

Ji Fengyan looked extremely troubled. He even detected a note of shock in her eyes.

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