Chapter 98 - The Power of a Terminator (3)

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Chapter 98: The Power of a Terminator (3)

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Lei Xu’s head rolled on the ground. The look of terror before he died was captured on his face and his unrelenting eyes were wide open.

The family heads, who were all kneeling on the ground, were scared to their wits. They all implored earnestly and kowtowed incessantly, so much so that even their foreheads were bruised, just so that Ji Fengyan would let them off.

Yang Jian returned to Ji Fengyan’s side. The three pointed, double-edged sword held in his hand was as clean as new, with no bloodstain on it.

He was waiting for Ji Fengyan’s next command.

To kill or to stop.

Everyone looked at Yang Jian, as if he was a demon after their lives, and their cries were even more miserable.

They sounded so miserable that it hurt the ears.

Ji Fengyan slightly looked up at those family heads who had turned purple from crying so much. Then, she said plainly as she waved her hands at them, “Scram.”

As if they had awakened from a dream, they thanked with their tears of gratitude, but…

“I said scram,” Ji Fengyan’s eyes were curled into a smile. Even though she was smiling, it made people shudder.

The family heads had initially intended on being supported back by the servants who were still alive. But they understood what Ji Fengyan had meant and immediately pushed away the servants who had wanted to help them up. With their heads nodding continuously, they said, “We will get lost now!”

Right after they said that, they started to roll pathetically on the ground, far away, without caring about the pain from their injuries.

If not because it was an inappropriate situation, the common people at the side would have already laughed out laugh.

Who could imagine that those family heads, who had always acted like tyrants in Ji City, would end up having to roll on the ground like dirt?

The aura of death had subsided. Ji Fengyan looked at the mess around and breathed out. She lifted her hand to pat on Yang Jian’s shoulder armour. “It’s been hard on you.”

Yang Jian stood motionless.

Ji Fengyan looked at the family heads who were rolling further and further away. As though she had recalled something, she suddenly said, “You guys wait a moment.”

The family heads were all frightened. They all lay flat on the ground without moving as they were afraid that Ji Fengyan would suddenly change her mind.

“It’s too dirty here. You guys get some people to clean it up,” Ji Fengyan said unexpectedly.

The family heads did not dare to decline and they all agreed quickly.

After settling everything, Ji Fengyan retracted her hand. “All right, those who are watching the show should leave about now. Isn’t it disgusting to watch a ball of flesh?”

This sentence was obviously directed at the common people who were watching the entire process.

Everyone was speechless.

Wasn’t all these broken limbs a result of this person before them?

The feeling of disgust started to come to them.

However, no one dared to say it out loud. Everyone just dispersed quietly as they scratched their noses.

Everything that had happened that day had become something they could never forget.

After that day, the role of Ji City’s City Lord had changed.

Everyone would eventually know that they had an unpredictable new City Lord.

Seeing the crowd disperse, Ji Fengyan took a long stretch. She turned around to see Linghe and his men, who looked dumbfounded. Then, she said, “Brother Ling, you should not be so angsty if it’s only a small matter. It’s not good to always kill and commit sins.”

“…” Linghe’s mouth twitched. He believed that among everyone, their Miss was the least suitable person to be telling him this.

As if she had heard Linghe’s internal thoughts, Ji Fengyan laughed. “I had to kill to stop more killing.”

Linghe remained silent.

Wasn’t it still killing?

Regardless of how helpless he felt towards Ji Fengyan’s illogical explanation, Linghe once again realised that their Miss was not weak like other ordinary woman. That domineering air and decisiveness in her made all the men respect her fully.

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