Chapter 980 - Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (2)

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Chapter 980: Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (2)

“This twin everlasting feelings flower, is there a problem with it?” Little Chi Tong couldn’t help asking Ji Fengyan on seeing her reaction.

Ji Fengyan’s expression became even more grim. She didn’t reply little Chi Tong, but looked anxiously at the rhinoceros beast.

“You said that this twin everlasting feelings flower can dispel the curse in his body?”

The rhinoceros beast nodded. It also did not understand why Ji Fengyan was suddenly so agitated.

Both Chi Tong and the rhinoceros beast didn’t realize that this twin everlasting feelings flower had ignited a shocking suspicion within Ji Fengyan.

When she had exchanged that twin everlasting feelings flower from Gong Zhiyu, she only knew that this flower was good for the human body. She did not lack for anything, and so had fed it to Liu Huo. He had reacted strongly after imbibing the flower, but returned to normal after a while. Nevertheless, Ji Fengyan had overlooked one point.

The Eldest Princess wanted to win the twin everlasting feelings flower so that she could give it to Grand Tutor Xing Lou, but no one knew why Xing Lou wanted the flower. Not knowing how her actions might have unintended consequences, Ji Fengyan had fed the flower to Liu Huo. These two matters should be unrelated, but…

Chi Tong’s curse triggered a nagging thought in her mind.

Under the effects of the curse, Chi Tong’s body would uncontrollably shrink.

And Liu Huo’s powerful reaction to the flower had ignited Ji Fengyan’s suspicions. If she remembered correctly, before she had fed the flower to Liu Huo, Grand Tutor Xing Lou had not appeared in public for a long time. He had gone to Ji City because he was unwell and needed to cultivate his health.

And the first time that Ji Fengyan met Xing Lou was after feeding the twin everlasting feelings flower to Liu Huo.

These were all a random scatter of clues, but after knowing of Chi Tong’s curse, Ji Fengyan suddenly had a bold notion.

Liu Huo’s identity had always been a mystery. Ji Fengyan had never questioned him, while he had never tried to explain. Ji Fengyan and Grand Tutor Xing Lou had never met before, but he had immediately helped her during their first meeting. And Xing Lou’s good intentions to Ji Fengyan were obvious every time they met thereafter.

At that time, Ji Fengyan just felt that Xing Lou was very strange. Even if he was the leader of the Terminators, there was no need for him to express such care and concern to her. In addition, Xing Lou’s subsequent actions and that sudden kiss inside the restaurant had sent Ji Fengyan into a deeply confused state.


If Liu Huo and Xing Lou were the same people, then everything could be explained.

Liu Huo and Xing Lou had never appeared at the same time. Xing Lou would only emerge after Liu Huo mysteriously disappeared.

The various clues strung together to form a bold notion inside Ji Fengyan’s mind.

“Liu Huo… Xing Lou…?” Ji Fengyan frowned. She could hardly believe such an idea.


If these two were not connected, then where could Liu Huo have gone whenever he vanished? Why was it that every time she met with danger, either Xing Lou or Liu Huo would appear?

This was all too much to just be a coincidence!

“City Lord Ji? What happened to you?” Chi Tong couldn’t help feeling worried as he observed Ji Fengyan’s grim face.

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