Chapter 981 - Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (3)

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Chapter 981: Goodbye Twin Everlasting Feelings Flower (3)

Ji Fengyan suddenly understood everything. She fell to the ground with a plop, a look of wonder on her face.

But there remained one point which Ji Fengyan couldn’t comprehend. Although both Liu Huo and Xing Lou were extraordinarily handsome, they looked different. Taking the case of little Chi Tong, although he had reverted into a child, there were still large similarities in his appearance.

Of course…

This was all just a guess on her part. There was only one way to be sure!

To seek Liu Huo or Xing Lou…

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes. This notion had already been lodged in her brain. The moment she thought that Xing Lou and Liu Huo could be the same people, her heart felt exceptionally… complicated.

“Little bastard, you better pray that I am wrong, otherwise… you are dead meat.” Ji Fengyan gnashed her teeth. Liu Huo had grown up way too fast and had already gone beyond the usual teenage stages. Ji Fengyan had already felt this was rather strange, but had thought that it was because he was not human. That was why she hadn’t pursued that point.


If Liu Huo’s “growth” was purposely controlled by him, then everything was clear.

The sight of Ji Fengyan muttering to herself scared little Chi Tong. Holding that twin everlasting feelings flower, he didn’t know if to eat it.

Ji Fengyan came out of her reverie and noticed little Chi Tong’s confused face. She said, “Nothing, I was just thinking about something. There’s nothing wrong with this twin everlasting feelings flower. You can eat it with peace of mind.”

Little Chi Tong nodded. Under the advice of the rhinoceros beast, he swallowed that flower.


Little Chi Tong’s reaction after eating that flower was identical to Liu Huo’s. This further supported Ji Fengyan’s suspicions.

The twin everlasting feelings flower would not immediately dispel the curse after consumption, but will slowly reduce the effects of it on Chi Tong. After enduring some pain, Chi Tong could feel that black fog shrouding his heart gradually being dissipated. Although the effects of the flower were progressing at a very slow pace, it was moving towards a good direction.

It would only be a matter of time before the curse would be entirely lifted.

Chi Tong finally had a solution to the curse which had been plaguing him for so many years. Having felt oppressed for so long, he finally gained some release. Feeling like he had gotten a new lease of life, Chi Tong sincerely thanked the rhinoceros beast and Ji Fengyan.

However, Ji Fengyan continued to look troubled. Chi Tong also didn’t feel it was his place to ask her.

Ji Fengyan had something weighing heavily on her mind and did not wish to linger on in the Forest of Freedom. She hurriedly brought Chi Tong, who had yet to show any changes, back to Yan Luo Dian. She then immediately handed him over to the doubtful, yet hopeful Duanmu Hongru and gang, before rushing back to Heavenly Courts.

She needed to quickly contact Liu Huo and ascertain if all these were just a coincidence, or…

Meng Fusheng had just received news of Ji Fengyan’s return when he happily went out with the others to welcome his queen. Only to discover that… she had already gone back to Heavenly Courts alone.

For a moment…

Meng Fusheng felt a pang of sadness that one felt after being forsaken.

“Brother Meng, I think your City Lord was in a great rush as she looked like she had something very urgent to settle. Don’t worry, we will have our men escort you back.” Duanmu Hongru put on a show of great consideration.

Meng Fusheng was in no mood to speak…

How his heart ached!

By escorting Meng Fusheng back to Heavenly Courts, the Yan Luo Dian men could go on a massive shopping spree there. Although there was finally peace within the Free Valley, Yan Luo Dian still amassed a 500-strong team to escort Meng Fusheng back to Heavenly Courts in style.

[Mini theatre]

Xing Lou: Atishoo….

The dark guard: My lord, have you caught a cold?

Xing Lou: No.

The dark guard: Perhaps someone is thinking of you.

Xing Lou smiled rather sweetly.

Inside the Heavenly Courts.

Little crazy brat: Liu Huo/Xing Lou, you are dead meat!

Mou Bei: Take your seats as a good show is about to start. Cast your votes while you are waiting.

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