Chapter 982 - The Kingdom Of Hua Xia (1)

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Chapter 982: The Kingdom Of Hua Xia (1)

After the discussion with Yan Luo Dian, Ji Fengyan promptly started on her plans to establish her own nation. There had been much gossip swirling within the Heavenly Courts, but as Ji Fengyan didn’t confirm any of them, her people didn’t dare to put too much faith in those rumors.


Ji Fengyan returned and immediately declared the expansion of Heavenly Courts across other areas of the Free Valley, including Zhai Xing Lou’s former territories. She would rename her kingdom as “Hua Xia”, with the Heavenly Courts as its capital city.

The name Hua Xia was derived from Ji Fengyan’s former life. It was a tribute full of respect and love for the ancient and distant civilizations.

Once news of the establishment of the Kingdom of Hua Xia spread, everyone in Heavenly Courts rallied. Ji Fengyan took advantage of their high spirits and immediately assigned out the unfamiliar tasks.

Relying on Heavenly Courts alone to establish a nation was not practical Ji Fengyan had Linghe mobilize everyone in the city to spread out to all four corners of the ancient territories—and carry out a total revamp. On top of that, she had conjured up even more humanoid vines to help out.

Just going by the population of Heavenly Courts was not enough to bear the burden of building a new nation. But… Ji Fengyan’s humanoid vines resolved that problem. With each person leading a hundred humanoid vines, the effectiveness of their operations became astonishingly high.

Those who had fled to the Free Valley were already all alone with nowhere to go. Now that they had an unknown future waiting for them, where they could build a kingdom belonging to themselves—it was as if everyone could see the great opportunities ahead. Everyone was fully motivated and did not require any urging from Ji Fengyan. The entire Heavenly Courts rallied. A group of men leading a team of humanoid vines dashed out of Heavenly Courts with shouts of exuberance, towards all four corners of the ancient territories.

After passing on her instructions, Ji Fengyan became very free. All she needed to do was provide enough humanoid vines. She also activated her second giant soldier god to help. Just one giant soldier god was equal to the efforts of several thousand men. Ji Fengyan even named that giant soldier god… giant spirit god number two.

In the legends, the giant spirit gods were deities with limitless power, and Ji Fengyan tagged this title onto her giant soldier god. Meanwhile, the one that “ran away” was naturally called giant spirit god number one.

The Free Valley was now full of bustling activity. The Yan Luo Dian men escorted Meng Fusheng home, only to find the city nearly emptied out. They thought something must have happened, but were eventually informed that Ji Fengyan had already sent her men out to establish her nation.

This situation caused the devil-masked men to feel totally depressed. They had intended to go on a major shopping spree in Heavenly Courts, but could now only squat by the main street despondently.

Meng Fusheng immediately sought Ji Fengyan. He had wanted to grumble about her ditching him twice, but instead just asked, “My queen, why have you so quickly started building your kingdom?”

They had just returned from Yan Luo Dian, and he felt Ji Fengyan’s actions were too hasty.

Ji Fengyan was sitting at a table and drawing protection talismans to be used in all corners of the territories. Hearing Meng Fusheng’s question, she smirked. “This is to teach dishonest jerks a lesson.”

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