Chapter 983 - The Kingdom Of Hua Xia (2)

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Chapter 983: The Kingdom Of Hua Xia (2)

Dishonest jerks?

Meng Fusheng was befuddled.

But Ji Fengyan just smiled sinisterly.

She had mentioned to Linghe before that she would not seek Liu Huo before she stabilized her power here. She still remembered her original intention. As a result, she would wait until she had established the Kingdom of Hua Xia before locating Liu Huo and interrogating him about Xing Lou.

And how to let Liu Huo know she was now at the Free Valley?

Ji Fengyan had her own ways.

The establishment of the Kingdom of Hua Xia went on smoothly. Yan Luo Dian was also very agreeable towards Ji Fengyan taking over the whole Free Valley. As long as they could keep their own Yan Luo Dian territories, they were willing to cede the rest of the valley to her.

Ji Fengyan had also passed down her edict that no one was to provoke Yan Luo Dian. Hence, the two powers co-existed harmoniously.

After they cleared the territories out, the old, worn structures were revamped with the help of the giant soldier god and the humanoid vines.

During the construction period, Duanmu Hongru had also sought Ji Fengyan under the orders of Chi Tong. He told Ji Fengyan that the curse within Chi Tong’s body had been largely dispelled. He also shared with her information on the trigram that had been protecting the Free Valley all this while.

The reason refugees were protected inside the Free Valley was because of that trigram left behind by the ancient tribe.

At the beginning, pursuers who did not believe in the trigram tried to enter the Free Valley, only to have their entire troops annihilated. From then on, no one dared to provoke the valley anymore.

In reality, the power of the trigram left behind by the ancient tribe had already been greatly depleted. The first few times the trigram was activated had already greatly exhausted its remaining strength. Now, it was only used to scare off intruders—and was nowhere as lethal as the rumors went.

Ji Fengyan didn’t have much response on hearing that. She had never overly relied on things left behind by others and had always depended on her own abilities to survive.

After controlling the entire Free Valley, Ji Fengyan personally visited the rhinoceros beast in her new identity as the Queen of the Kingdom of Hua Xia. She used her elixirs and spirit herbs to exchange for the resources found within the Forest of Freedom. In addition, they allowed no one to enter the forest without express permission by Ji Fengyan. They would conduct all trading activities in the swamp outside the forest.

Conducting trade with a bunch of beasts was a first to the people, but they soon got used to it after a couple of times. They even started eying those intelligent and exotic creatures, with the dubious intentions of catching some of them to become their steeds.


As the Forest of Freedom and the Kingdom of Hua Xia now got along splendidly, those exotic beasts no longer remained inside the forest and started exploring the other parts of the Free Valley.

One could now often spot a bunch of plump, spirit rabbits stealing carrots at the new agricultural fields outside Heavenly Courts. In addition, there would always be some legendary flying creature or another perched upon the city walls of Heavenly Courts.

Man and beast co-existing in harmony, treating each other with love and respect. It was a totally new experience.

As the Kingdom of Hua Xia developed rapidly, a few miserable figures suddenly appeared at the entrance to the Free Valley. Behind them was a team of armoured horsemen in hot pursuit.

“Your highness! Leave first, we will hold them back!” A heavily injured man and his companions were resolutely shielding a petite figure, whose eyes were already shot through with blood.

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