Chapter 985 - The Extraordinary Young Girl (1)

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Chapter 985: The Extraordinary Young Girl (1)

The young girl was sobbing and her voice was filled with despair. Her clean petite face seemed pitiful from the tears but the man’s gaze never stayed on her for even a second and only stared straight at the unnoticeable white string at her foot.

The white string was only half a finger away from her toe and this distance had already decided everything about her life.

The man suddenly turned and with his expressionless but handsome face, he said coldly, “she has already entered the Free Valley.”

Upon entering the Free Valley, it was the territory of the Kingdom of Hua Xia and no one could trespass.

The pursuing troops had originally thought that the man before them would be sensible enough to hand over the person, but upon seeing his reaction, they knew that there would be no end to the matter. They did not waste any time and immediately raised their weapons to charge towards the man.

The man stood at its original position with his emotionless gaze. He looked at the hundred over people charging towards him and opened his thin lips to speak.

“Kill all intruders of the Kingdom of Hua Xia!”

Within moments, his figure already disappeared from everyone’s sight. It was only a blink of an eye, but fresh blood had already spurted in front of the young girl.

It was like a strange dream as the cold glare of the sword shone like lightning when it passed through the crowd of a hundred people and left only a head rolling to the ground in the end.

The young girl completely could not believe her eyes. Those pursuing troops were not ordinary soldiers and were elites. Otherwise, her guards would not be defeated that miserably. It was only an instinctive reaction for her to seek help from that man previously. She had not expected that there would be someone capable of killing hundred over elite soldiers alone.

It was only a split second, but half of the pursuing troops were already injured and killed. They had not even realised their own death before they fell to the ground in a pool of blood beside their comrades.

In face with the bloody sight, the remaining soldiers felt fear creeping within them. Knowing that they would be no match for the man, they immediately retreated, leaving behind a pile of corpses lying on the ground.

When the pursuing troops left, the man who was covered in bloodshed returned to his previous position. The sword that he had in his hands was still dripping with fresh blood.

He said nothing and turned to walk towards an enormous tree at the side, all ready to return to his post.

The young girl snapped out from her shock and could not believe that she had survived. With her sheet white face, she looked at her feet and realised that there was a faint white string.

This white string had saved her life.

The young girl quickly got up after snapping out of her shock and ran toward that man. She was already scared out of her wits and had instinctively thought that it was only safe if she was by that man’s side. Even though that man had not looked at her and directly jumped onto a huge and tall tree, she did not leave. She only squatted under the tree silently and curled into a ball in fright.

After about half a day, a handsome man with scars over his face made his way out of the Free Valley on a horse. Upon reaching the entrance of the Free Valley, he immediately saw the bloody scene left behind from the battle.

“Oh my, Yang Jian, you have been fighting again?” The man with a scar sucked in a chilly breath and turned to look at the huge and tall tree at the side.

As his voice sounded, Yang Jian, who had been guarding on the tree, immediately leaped off from a ten meter high position and landed steadily on the ground.

“Yes,” Yang Jian gave a plain response.

Meng Fusheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. The Kingdom of Hua Xia had just been established and Ji Fengyan had instructed them to take turns guarding the entrance of the Free Valley to prevent any incidents from happening, but it had been too peaceful for the past duration. There was only a fearless group of bounty hunters who had attempted to infiltrate into the Free Valley, and they were instantly executed by Yang Jian outside the valley. Who would have expected that… there would be another bunch of fools seeking their own death that day?

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