Chapter 987 - The Extraordinary Young Girl (3)

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Chapter 987: The Extraordinary Young Girl (3)

The adolescent girl lifted her head anxiously and instantly saw…

A delicate-looking young girl was sitting gracefully on the throne. In front of her, there was a long table made of white jade and a pile of scrolls filled it. A handsome-looking man was laughing as he bent down to pick up the scrolls that were thrown to the ground.

“I am sorry. Even though your threat is frightening, I still need to make sure that you finish what Brother Ling had entrusted me with.” Gong Zhiyu laughed gently as he wrapped the scrolls back and placed them back in front of Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan had almost been driven mad by these scrolls. Building a kingdom from scratch was even more troublesome than she had imagined. She had to look through all the names and manpower distribution at every city. Even though she had assigned some power to Linghe and Meng Fusheng, in the end… these people did not want to let her rest and presented her with scrolls every day. They had even made Gong Zhiyu supervise her while using his gentle tone.

“I should not have allowed you to stay right from the start. Isn’t it better for you to go out and enjoy the scenery? What future do you have staying in this poor and isolated place? How about you leave this instant? Will it be enough if I give you more money?” Ji Fengyan had almost gone berserk. As an immortal cultivator who was used to slacking off, when had she been this conscientious in her work before?

“No,” Gong Zhiyu replied with a smile.

When he had just let go of his sorrows initially, he had intended on leaving the Free Valley to fulfill his eldest brother’s wish, but seeing that the place was still in an unsteady stage of development, he decided to stay.

Ji Fengyan was originally touched but now she only felt like chasing him out!

“I hate you.” Ji Fengyan lay restless on the jade table.

Meng Fusheng felt awkward from witnessing this. Recalling that there was still the adolescent girl following him, he immediately turned around. As expected, this young girl was already scared out of her wits.

Meng Fusheng could not help but coughed softly. Ji Fengyan finally noticed Meng Fusheng and immediately pointed at him and said, “swallow all the scrolls that you had sent here!”

Meng Fusheng almost burst out in laughter but because of an outsider present, he could only hold in his laughter and say seriously, “Queen, I have something to report to you.”

“What?” Ji Fengyan asked lifelessly.

Meng Fusheng immediately told her about everything that he had discovered at the entrance of the Free Valley and brought the young girl who was saved by Yang Jian in front of Ji Fengyan.

After hearing everything, Ji Fengyan straightened her back and scanned the young girl who was still shivering in fear. One look and it made Ji Fengyan slightly stunned.

She saw a purple aura surrounding the frightened young girl. Even though it was very faint, it still existed.

A purple aura?

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback.

Only a person destined to be a monarch would have this purple aura. Since the past, anyone with the purple aura protecting them are born with the destiny of becoming a monarch. Previously, Ji Fengyan had seen it on the Emperor. After building the Kingdom of Hua Xia, she also noticed the purple aura around her.

But… why would this purple aura signifying a monarch’s destiny appear on this young girl?

That young girl felt her head tingle from Ji Fengyan’s intense stare and her legs started to tremble uncontrollably. With fear and despair becoming stronger with Ji Fengyan’s silence, she suddenly knelt down and said, “I am Maiya, please let me stay, Queen!”

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