Chapter 989 - Kingdom of Fu Xiang (2)

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Chapter 989: Kingdom of Fu Xiang (2)

The terrain of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang made it easy to defend, but difficult to attack. In addition, there were no other countries bordering it, and it could trade in herbs. As a result, it was self-sufficient and fairly peaceful. Gong Zhiyu had been there twice, but the quality of herbs there could not compare with those in the Forest of Freedom. Later on, he had stopped going there, and did not know much about it.

“The ordinary soldiers in the Kingdom of Fu Xiang mostly wear light armor. Troop Leader Meng said that the group of men that Yang Jian dealt with were wearing armor. I guess they must be the elite troops of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.” Gong Zhiyu said. He pondered for a moment, then articulated his guesses. “Based on what Yang Jian said, the hundreds of elite soldiers were pursuing an adolescent girl. That was strange, unless this girl has such a special status that the Kingdom of Fu Xiang has to carefully consider it. However, in the current circumstances, we might incur the wrath of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang by taking in Mai Ya. I believe this matter will not be resolved so easily. Yang Jian has forced them to retreat for now, but as long as Mai Ya remains in the Free Valley, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang will not let her off so easily.”

Gong Zhiyu’s analysis was very logical. Taking in Mai Ya would probably incur the wrath of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. He needed Ji Fengyan to consider whether to take Mai Ya in.

Ji Fengyan rested her chin on her hand and thought over Gong Zhiyu’s information.

When Meng Fusheng understood the current situation, he could not help but hesitate. “We have only recently established our kingdom. Isn’t it inappropriate to have poor relations with our neighboring countries?”

Together with the men in Yan Luo Dian, there were only twenty thousand people in the whole of the Free Valley. This small population was much less than the citizens in the cities of any country. It was a little embarrassing.

Ji Fengyan suddenly laughed. She looked at Meng Fusheng and said, “Do you remember what I said about what kind of place the Kingdom of Hua Xia would be?”

It stunned Meng Fusheng.

Ji Fengyan continued. “Regardless of background or origin, anyone who is oppressed but who harbors good intentions will be welcome. Mai Ya’s status is not important. If we allow the Kingdom of Fu Xiang to pressurize us this time and hand Mai Ya over, then the Free Valley will no longer be the Free Valley. There are so many people in the valley, how many of them have no enemies? If we make a precedent, then many others will come knocking. What will we do then?”

Once a precedent was set, others would follow.

If they could not protect even one person, they could protect no one in the future.

Ji Fengyan’s words forcibly shook Meng Fusheng. The Free Valley had always been like that. Ji Fengyan had established her kingdom here because of this rule.

Gong Zhiyu nodded slightly. He heartily approved of what Ji Fengyan said.

“To establish a kingdom, we must first show our might. Once we yield to others, we can neither establish ourselves as a kingdom, or as a home. As the saying goes… weak countries have no international relations. I agree with the Queen. We cannot hand Mai Ya over.”

Meng Fusheng also understood. “That’s right. Perhaps we are thinking too much. The Kingdom of Fu Xiang may not dare to act.”

Ji Fengyan smiled briefly. She did not care about how the Kingdom of Fu Xiang might react. She only needed to know what principles the Kingdom of Hua Xia would insist on.

Meng Fusheng had handed the girl over to Ji Fengyan, so he hurried back to the entrance of the Free Valley to take over from Yang Jian.

On the other hand, Mai Ya had escaped from the threat of death, and now sat on a comfortable bed. Her petite figure continued to tremble slightly. The moment she closed her eyes, she saw an endless procession of blood and death. They were like a nightmare that she could not shake off.

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