Chapter 99 - First Kiss

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Chapter 99: First Kiss

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With her leisurely strides, Ji Fengyan walked to the side of Liu Huo, who looked very serious. As she looked at Liu Huo’s tightly furrowed brows, she tilted her head and reached out her hand to smoothen out the area between his brows.

“Why? Were you frightened?”

Liu Huo did not respond.

Ji Fengyan said, “If I do not kill him, he would harm me. I can tolerate a moment’s folly, but I cannot sow the seeds of a disaster by letting him off.”

Ji Fengyan had given Lei Xu many chances. So long as he did not leave her with no choice, Ji Fengyan could not be bothered with someone like him. Unfortunately, it was Lei Xu who personally caused his own death.

Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan. His deep eyes was filled with unclear emotions. After a long while, Liu Huo suddenly lifted his hand and took down Ji Fengyan’s hands that were between his brows. After he did so, he did not let go immediately. He only stared down at the glistening light that came from the terminator mark on Ji Fengyan’s collar bone.

The silver bright mark that was glowing reflected the complicated gaze in Liu Huo’s eyes.

“You are a terminator?” Liu Huo finally spoke.

Ji Fengyan smiled and said, “I guess.”

A terminator was only the identity of this body.

“Have you used this thing?” Liu Huo lifted his finger to point at the terminator mark on Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “Not yet, this is left by… my father. I also do not know how to use it. I heard from Brother Ling that before I go to the battlefield, Your Majesty will send me to a special institute for the terminators and I will learn to use this there.”

In fact, Ji Fengyan was not interested in the World-Termination-Armour at all.

Any power that was obtained from an external source was not a long-lasting one.

Rather than relying on something, it would be more reliable to depend on oneself.

The emotions in Liu Huo’s eyes became less intense. He lifted his head and said to Ji Fengyan, “You are very strong.” He was referring to the bloody scene outside the door.

Ji Fengyan’s mouth curled into a smile. “You think?”

Liu Huo was at a loss at Ji Fengyan’s joking attitude, as if the person who was so decisive in the killing previously was not her.

“You are so strong that you don’t need this World-Termination-Armour,” Liu Huo said suddenly.

Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. “I don’t intend to use it.”

She did not think that the use of just an armour would beat the powers of her half immortality. Moreover, this thing had always been passed down the bloodline. It was a keepsake that the original body owner’s father had given her. Out of respect for the dead, Ji Fengyan did not intend to seize the relationship between the original owner’s father and her.

Liu Huo heaved a sigh and the emotions in his eyes completely disappeared.

“What’s the matter? You seem to have something weighing on your mind,” Ji Fengyan sharply noticed the unusual behaviour in Liu Huo. He seemed to be very concerned about the terminator.

“Nothing.” Liu Huo shook his hand. Then he suddenly thought of something. “Remember what you said today.”

Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan. His serious look made Ji Fengyan perplexed, but…

That persistent look on little Liu Huo was so beautiful!

“I’ll agree if you kiss me,” Ji Fengyan started to fool around again. She used her fingertips to lightly tap on her cheeks.

Linghe and the rest could not stand it and looked away.

Just when Ji Fengyan thought that it was time to stop her prank, she felt something warm on her cheeks suddenly.

With his face pinkish, Liu Huo looked at Ji Fengyan with a straight face.

A look of surprise flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes, but in the end, she smiled.

“Fine, I promise that I will never forget what I have said today.”

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: Shameless!

Little crazy brat: Um hmm.

Mou Bei: You have no morals!

Little crazy brat: Um hmm.

Mou Bei: You are crazy!

Little crazy brat: Um hmm.

Mou Bei: You are the disgrace of the immortals!

Little crazy brat: What else?

Mou Bei: Don’t you feel ashamed? Tricking a gorgeous young boy of his first kiss—where is your conscience?

Little crazy brat pats her chest: It’s here

Mou Bei: You you you you… little Liu Huo, you’d better not get tricked again. This woman does not have any good intentions. She is just after your looks! If you are going to be this innocent, you will eventually be eaten up by her.

Liu Huo: …

Little crazy brat: Come, little Liu Huo, say bye to her. I’ll bring you home and teach you a double cultivation method.

Liu Huo: Double cultivation?

Mou Bei: My God! Why did I not use lightning to strike this brat to her death!

Little crazy brat: Ah… actually it has already struck me before.

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