Chapter 990 - Kingdom of Fu Xiang (3)

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Chapter 990: Kingdom of Fu Xiang (3)

Mai Ya shakily hugged her arms. She blew out the lamp and curled up in the darkness. It was as if she could not escape from the terror she had experienced. The guards who had died so tragically to protect her still lingered in her thoughts.

The moment she closed her eyes, the terror spread to her entire body. In the darkness, it was as if something terrible was staring at her all the time.

Even her breathing became careful. She could not withstand this feeling of oppression. She suddenly jumped down from the bed and rapidly walked out of the room with bare feet.

It was late at night and the corridor was completely quiet. Mai Ya did not know what she was fleeing from, or where she was going. She aimless walked down the empty corridor until she vaguely saw a faint light.

She walked towards the light. Under the candlelight, she saw Ji Fengyan, who was frowning and flipping through scrolls.

The man who rescued her had said that this place was called Hua Xia. It was a brand new kingdom, and this delicate-looking young girl was their queen.

Mai Ya pursed her lips as she looked at the intense concentration of Ji Fengyan, who was only a year or two older than her. She hesitated before walking over.

Ji Fengyan had long been aware that Mai Ya was nearby. In order not to scare this young girl who had escaped from death, she had chosen to pretend ignorance.

“Q… Queen?” Mai Ya walked timidly to Ji Fengyan’s side.

Ji Fengyan raised her head and pretended to be surprised to see the barefoot Mai Ya.

“What’s the matter? Can’t sleep?” Ji Fengyan put down the scroll and looked gently at Mai Ya.

Mai Ya nodded stiffly. Her gaze wandered aimlessly, as if she did not dare to meet Ji Fengyan’s eyes.

“If you can’t sleep, sit here and keep me company. I have to work so late at night, it’s really too much trouble.” Ji Fengyan casually blinked at the scrolls, her gaze full of disdain.

Her casual tone greatly relaxed Mai Ya. Mai Ya silently sat on a little chair by the side and watched Ji Fengyan’s busy profile.

The minutes ticked past. Under the dim candlelight, the two young girls quietly busied themselves with their own affairs.

Perhaps it was because they were close in age, or because they were both girls, but Mai Ya slowly relaxed. When Ji Fengyan had flipped through the last scroll, she finally opened her mouth.

“I am… the princess of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.”

Ji Fengyan’s hand stiffened slightly. She turned to look at Mai Ya, who was rather pale. However, she did not look surprised. She had long since perceived Mai Ya’s purple aura and knew that her status was not ordinary.

Mai Ya lowered her head with some constraint. Her two hands fingered the edge of her robe nervously.

“I am very thankful that you took me in. But… I think… there are some things I have to tell you. If you allow me to stay, it might cause you trouble.”

Mai Ya’s heart was conflicted. It had not been easy for her to escape from death. If she concealed her identity, Ji Fengyan and the others might notice nothing special about her. However, in her heart, she could not bear to continue withholding the facts. This was because her arrival meant a great deal of trouble for anyone.

“My mother is the queen of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. My father is the current reigning king of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. Previously… the group who pursued me was sent by my father’s concubine… she wanted to get rid of me…” Mai Ya gathered her courage and slowly began to tell Ji Fengyan her story.

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