Chapter 991 - Kingdom of Fu Xiang (4)

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Chapter 991: Kingdom of Fu Xiang (4)

The Emperor and Empress of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang were once a loving couple envied by everyone. They were companions to each other in their lifetime, and the Emperor only loved the Empress his whole life. He had no other concubines, and Mai Ya was their only child.

As the only princess of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, and the sole child, Mai Ya naturally inherited the royal powers to the Kingdom of Fu Xiang. Even though she was a woman, her doting Father and Mother still nurtured her to be the next Great Empress.

And Mai Ya grew up in this loving environment.


The visit of an official from a neighbouring country.

The kingdom closest to the Kingdom of Fu Xiang was stronger in terms of military strength. They had been living in harmony usually, but five years ago officials from the neighbouring country visited the Kingdom of Fu Xiang and presented their princess to the Emperor of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang.

The Emperor was not willing to accept the other woman, but because of the other kingdom being stronger, and the Empress afraid of a raging war, she persuaded the Emperor to accept her.

From that day on, the Kingdom of Fu Xiang had an honourable concubine.

Initially, the Emperor was far from close to her but the Empress was afraid of causing displeasure to the neighbouring country by neglecting the princess, so she persuaded the Emperor. The Emperor could only try to interact with the princess then.

After this interaction, it was the start of a nightmare. The princess was beautiful and only 20-year-old, the prime age of a young girl. Not long after, she was doted on by the Emperor, whereas the Empress’s health deteriorated. A year ago, the Empress died of illness and two days later; the princess gave birth to the next prince.

Due to the birth of the prince, Mai Ya ended up in this situation.

Even with a prince, the Emperor was unwilling to go back on his promise with the Empress and insisted on letting Mai Ya inherit his throne. By this time, the true nature of the princess gradually revealed. Initially, she did not have any response but soon, Maiya realised that her Father’s health worsened and he became very weak. Not long after, it was difficult for him to even get off the bed on his own.

The kingdom’s physician diagnosed him but realised that…

He was already poisoned and unconscious.

When the princess instructed her men to look for the culprit, they found the poison in Mai Ya’s room and pushed the blame of harming the Emperor onto her, and even ordered her to kill her.

If not because the Empress’s former subordinates had heard about this news and assisted Mai Ya with the escape from the palace, Maiya would have already died.

Even so, Mai Ya was still being pursued by the troops that the princess had sent after her and had to escape to the Free Valley in the end.

“She would not let me off. Even if I escape to this place, she would still not let me off.” Mai Ya was already in tears from sharing her past. The death of her mother and the grave condition of her father were all weighing down on her young self. She was once a highly respected girl envied by everyone, but with the offence of killing her father, she was in a hopeless situation.

Ji Fengyan listened silently to Mai Ya, and her brows frowned slightly. It was evident that the princess wanted her son to gain the rights to the throne of the Kingdom of Fu Xiang, so she had poisoned the Emperor and accused Maiya. It was likely that even Mai Ya’s mother’s death was related to the ruthless princess.

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