Chapter 792 - Pluck a Feather and Give It to Me

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Chapter 792: Pluck a Feather and Give It to Me

When the Giant Tsunami Turtle heard that Yun Chujiu had found a clue, its eyes showed surprise. It was afraid that it would disturb Yun Chujiu’s thoughts, so it obediently floated on the surface of the water and did not move.

Yun Chujiu returned to her wooden raft and sorted out some of the thoughts that she had just thought of. Then, she recalled some of the principles that she had seen in her previous life.

The essence of biological movement was circular movement. If there was no target, the instinctive movement of any living creature would be circular. But why could living creatures keep moving in a straight line? For example, why did humans walk in a straight line?

Because we use our eyes to constantly correct the direction in which we moved, our brain made corrections in our positioning so we walk in a straight line.

If you encounter a situation where you find yourself not knowing where to go, you must have lost your sense of direction at that time. In other words, you are lost. The corrective function of your eyes and brain no longer worked, or the correction signal given to you was fake and chaotic. You feel that you are walking in a straight line, but in fact, you are walking according to your instincts. When in such a situation, one tends to walk in a circle..

Yun Chujiu slapped her thigh. She had always used the sun as a reference. The sun that she saw must be different from what she normally saw, so no matter how she swam, she would always turn around in a certain area.

In that case, if she wanted to find the boundary of the enchantment, she had to find a new reference point. However, there were no other points of reference on the surface of the sea other than the sun in the sky. What should she do?

Yun Chujiu frowned. She thought for a long time but still could not think of anything.

She took out the painting she had drawn previously. Her eyes lit up when she looked at it. “Little Black Bird! Give me one of your feathers!”

The Little Black Bird was in the Spirit Beast Pouch and was complaining to Little Black Rat and the Flaming Three-tailed Fox King about Yun Chujiu. She was talking about her narcissism, black-heartedness, and smugness. Who would have thought that disaster would befall him!

“What? Master, why do you want my feathers? Every one of my feathers are treasures, I won’t give any to you!” Little Black Bird immediately exploded when she heard that she was going to pluck the feathers.

“Cut the crap! If you don’t do it, I will pluck it myself. By then, it won’t be just one feather!” Yun Chujiu said fiercely.

Little Black Bird could not risk losing more than a few, so it could only bite the bullet and pluck a single feather for Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu put the feather on the surface of the sea and let it float forward slowly.

“Master! You did it on purpose, didn’t you? You plucked my feather and threw it into the sea! No one else bullies birds like you!” Little Black Bird shouted angrily.

“Stupid bird! Shut up! I want to use your feather to find the barrier of this formation and then think of a way to break out of it. Your feathers are very light. It can follow the current of the water to the place where the barrier is. Moreover, it is black, making it easy to spot If it stops there, that place must be at the edge of the barrier.”

Little Black Bird did not understand at first. After Yun Chujiu explained it again, it finally understood what Yun Chujiu meant, then, it cried out, “Master! You did it on purpose! There are all kinds of stupid birds in the Great Void Mystic Realm, why did you have to pluck mine?”

Yun Chujiu coughed dryly, “Cough cough! Little Black Bird, how can other birds compare to you? Master Bird, I only trust you!”

In reality, she felt very guilty. She was so excited at the time that she did not even think about the Great Void Mystic Realm!

Hearing Yun Chujiu’s words, the Little Black Bird finally felt a little better. That’s right, how could those stupid birds compare to him?!

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