Chapter 972 - Volume 10 – Chapter 5: Cave Manor & Blood Kinship (Part 2)

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Chapter 972 Volume 10 – Chapter 5: Cave Manor & Blood Kinship (Part 2)

Even from the moment Wang Yuechuan arrived in Hong Kong, he never contacted his adoptive father again.

At this moment, there were a few flashes on the sea level ahead. Wang Yuechuan knew that it was the secret signal from the flashlight of the smuggling ship. The light source flickered consecutively. It appeared to be Morse, which meant that it was safe to board the ship at this time.

After a while, a small ship drove to the pier with only a man in his thirties. Wang Yuechuan and the other party said a few words. After confirming the identities of both parties, he immediately went on the fishing ship still at sea.

“Why do you want to go to Thailand?”

The man driving the ship seemed to ask casually afterward, using incoherent Mandarin: commonly known as Hong Kong pidgin [1].

Of course, most of the people who were smuggled out under his aid were criminals. So he didn’t particularly want to dig further. It was just because of curiosity.

Wang Yuechuan didn’t say a word. Instead, he glanced at the man before closing his eyes.

This man was not surprised. Knowing that the man who came here must be in a foul mood.

“Do you have any cigarettes?” Wang Yuechuan suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the man.

“Yes.” The man took out a pack of red Marlboro, lit one for Wang Yuechuan, “You smoke too? You don’t seem like it.”

There were naturally no signs of being a smoker on Wang Yuechuan’s fingers and teeth. The shipman’s eyes were quite sharp.

Wang Yuechuan said indifferently at this time, “I will smoke in the future.”

He took a sip of the cigarette, and the pungent smell began to invade his throat, making him feel quite uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but frown.

The shipman suddenly discovered that this man he was smuggling was quite masculine when he frowned.

Wang Yuechuan also didn’t bother with the shipman’s thoughts at this time. The shipman just inhaled the secondhand smoke, adapting to the pungent smell. At the same time, Wang Yuechuan began to recall the information about the mercenary group he needed to contact next.

It’s called “EOK.”

“EOK” recruited almost all retired soldiers from elite troops or war criminals in the armed forces of various countries. EOK’s scale was small. There would always be only 99 members. Unless one of the 99 members were dead, otherwise no new members would be recruited.

This time, “EOK” had two recruits because of the accidental death of two members during a mercenary mission.

On the pier, a dark shadow completely dissolved into the night. At this time, watching the boat gradually leave, he laughed twice before disappearing.

Naturally, it was Black Soul Messenger Number 18 from the club.

Luo Qiu did not bring Number 18 and Dazhe in the club’s migration. For some reason, Luo Qiu allowed Number 18 to move freely and gave her permission to use the Border Gate.

In other words, if Number 18 wanted to go to a place, she could open the Border Gate to fulfill her goal. With that, she could easily get investors for the club.

This place was Number 18’s former territory. It was all up to her preferences. There was no time limit for her, and there was no need to hand in the investor’s data card before opening the door.

It was a holiday in disguise.

Number 18 felt that the master’s new command was a reward to her.

It was just that she thought about it for a long time. It stood to reason that she failed once on Zhu Maolin. It would be a blessing to say that she didn’t get punished. Naturally, she didn’t anticipate getting a reward.

But the permission to open Border Gate had already been imprinted on her. In the end, Number 18 had to believe all this.

She thought about it for a long time and finally vaguely felt that the reward the new master gave to her was probably related to her secretly protecting Ren Ziling at the beginning.

“Since I can use the Border Gate at will and there is no time limit…” Number 18 was in a good mood at this time. Naturally, the first thing to consider was how to nurture this ‘magician’ she was optimistic with.

“So, Sister Number 18, we have to go to Thailand next?”

Suddenly, Dazhe’s voice came from behind Number 18. Hearing this voice, Number 18’s good mood instantly became irritable.

She couldn’t help but remember the boss’s last words before he left: I will leave Dazhe under your care.

But after all, it was a supreme order from the master. Number 18 couldn’t say no.

“I heard that there are a lot of ladyboys in Thailand? Tsk tsk, this is a foreign trip, right?”

Dazhe was wearing beach pants and a straw hat at this time, completely looking like a tourist. Number 18 complained deep down her heart: Master, why did you leave this burdensome fellow to me?

Brazil – Rio.

The packed items were unpacked one by one. Then, the maid put them back in their original positions.

Luo Qiu felt that he shouldn’t be idle, so he took the initiative to pick up the rag and wiped the storefront window.

Behind him was the street of this slum. Instead of saying that it was a street, it was more of a winding staircase.

Opposite the initial grocery store where the club was located, there was a barbershop. The distance between the two was less than three meters. But this was already considered a relatively spacious section of this ‘stairway.’

Boss sighed towards the mirror surface of the cabinet. After wiping it, he felt satisfied, so he stopped. He planned to return to the lobby, but his eyes caught something. He suddenly saw a shoe was hung at the telephone pole not far away.

Luo Qiu remembered that the shoe wasn’t there previously.

According to the rules here, when shoes were hung up, it was a signal that there would be drug trades.

Luo Qiu heard that many slums were under the control of drug dealers and traffickers. Luo Qiu recalled the police forces could hardly penetrate their forces into the slum he picked.

Probably, something interesting would happen. Luo Qiu suddenly had such an idea before entering the door. There could be some surprises.

Originally, Luo Qiu chose to come here because he didn’t intend to stay long. He planned to stay here for a short period before the Lunar New Year to figure out some other stuff.

“The one who has a blood kinship with me is here…”

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