Chapter 2305 - Driving the Necromancer Crazy

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Chapter 2305: Driving the Necromancer Crazy

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

“Why does it have to reach five thousand?” Mo Fan asked cluelessly.

The necromancer was stunned. Shouldn’t a normal person be angry first?

After all, he was planning to kill everyone here. Shouldn’t this guy be worried about his life?

“Well… it’s part of my power. Do you know how a furnace works? I need a lot of ordinary material to refine metal with a high boiling point and get rid of the impurities. Most materials burn into ashes as they cannot withstand the high temperature, leaving only the real essence behind. Similarly, I can refine an Undead Essence after reaping five thousand souls!” The necromancer oddly did not mind answering Mo Fan’s question.

“What is the Undead Essence for?” Mo Fan pressed curiously.

The necromancer smacked his lips, his fingers constantly moving. He was controlling the Skeleton Demons and bringing them closer.

For some reason, he felt it was inappropriate to kill these soldiers before answering their questions.

“We are in the middle of a war,” Zhao Manyan mentioned to Mo Fan nervously.

“It’s fine, you won’t leave this swamp, either!” the necromancer said confidently.

“Why are you feeling so confident?” Mo Fan pressed.

“It’s very simple…” the necromancer smiled. He slowly lifted his other hand as if it was carrying something.

The swamp shuddered as he lifted his hand higher. The firm ground which comprised the above-ground points in the swamp collapsed into the mud.

The ground the soldiers of the Federation were standing on had collapsed. They could only climb onto the nearby plants and trees.

Little did they know, the trees were the source of the loud movement in the swamp!

Mo Fan did not have to use the Chaos Magic this time. The trees pulled their roots out of the mud themselves. They did not turn upside down, but they still revealed their true appearances to the soldiers.

A single Skeleton Demon Tree was scary enough for the soldiers, let alone a group of them!

The seemingly ordinary trees were like the stem of a carrot. You never knew how big the carrot under the ground was when pulling at the tiny stem!

The Skeleton Demon Trees might be slow, but their branches and leaves could reach hundreds of meters away.

The soldiers of the Federation Army suddenly found themselves in a primitive jungle. The only difference was, the trees were all skeletons. It was a terrifying skeletal forest!

“An Undead Essence is a precious seed used to plant one of these trees!” the necromancer answered Mo Fan’s question excitedly.

Mo Fan nodded. So that was it…

This necromancer might be serving the Brown Rebels, but he had also received a lot of benefits from the war in return. He had collected the dead bodies of the soldiers and buried them under the swamp to strengthen his Undead Magic.

No wonder he claimed a war was like spring for a necromancer…

“You must have taken out the scouts sent here by the Federation Army too, which means you are an important general of the Brown Rebels!” Mo Fan deduced happily.

The necromancer, Bucker, was startled.

Was the young man from the Federation Army blind? Could he not see the nine Skeleton Demon Trees across the swamp?

The number of skeleton soldiers in the swamp had already reached over two thousand, not to mention the actual strength of the Skeleton Demon Trees.

Was he not worried about being dismembered by the Skeleton Demon Trees? How come he was asking questions, instead of begging to spare his life?

The young man was simply uttering nonsense!

With his trees and himself guarding the swamp, the soldiers of the Federation Army were only going to offer themselves as sacrifices by jumping into his furnace!

He was a general of the undead, who did not need a single living man to fight for him!

Most importantly, he was a necromancer!

Every battle would have a lot of casualties, which gave necromancers endless room to grow. He would only become stronger with time.

“Sounds like he isn’t surveilling the Federation Army on behalf of the Brown Rebels. He’s just a rather fierce watchdog,” Mu Bai judged.

Mo Fan nodded. What a pity…

If the guy had been a scout for the Brown Rebels, it would have been a lot easier for them to break through the enemy’s lines after getting rid of him!

“Watchdog?” Bucker blurted out, his face twisting.

“The fierce kind,” Mo Fan added.

Assh***! Who cares if it was the fierce kind or not… A watchdog?!

Did they just say I am the Brown Rebels’ watchdog?!

“I’ve killed forty- five hundred and sixty soldiers of the Federation Army! Look around you, do you think you can leave here in one piece?!” Bucker yelled at them.

“I thought you said it was forty-five hundred and seventy,” Mo Fan corrected him.


Who would remember the exact number? It was not his main concern!

The most important thing was that everyone in the swamp was going to die! He was going to kill every soldier of the Federation Army brutally, regardless of their numbers!

“Perhaps I was focusing too much on explaining what is going to happen to these people…” Bucker took a deep breath.

It was meaningless to be angry at someone who was going to die.

The young man had described him as a watchdog. What about the skeleton soldiers under his command?

“I won’t let the Life-Hanging Flies devour you. I will hang you on the trees while you are still breathing, until your blood dries. I will air-dry your bodies and torture you before turning you into skeletons!” Bucker snarled viciously.

“It’s still raining, and the wind here is too wet to air-dry our bodies. Our bodies would only be crawling with insects and rot if you hang us on the trees. You should know better since you are a necromancer. How disappointing,” Mo Fan chided him again.

The word ‘disappointing’ echoed in Bucker’s ears like a clap of thunder.

He was so mad that he could not breathe properly!

Why had he bothered talking to someone who was going to die soon? He should have just killed them right away so he would not be so angry now!

“Just… die!” Bucker screamed at Mo Fan.

He reached his other hand at Mo Fan like a claw. The Skeleton Demon Trees nearby that were swinging about so wildly immediately whipped their branches at Mo Fan!

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