Chapter 254 - Life

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After the alchemy puppet was done, Heath used the system to calculate its attributes.

Strength 128, agility 96, vitality 162, and soul power 8.

The average of its three dimensions had already broken through 100, and its vitality had reached a terrifying figure of 162. In other words, its defense coefficient was no different from a mountain.

However, although his attributes were high, it would still take some time for him to form his combat strength. After all, his soul force was only 8 points at the moment. Even an Apprentice who had some knowledge of soul would find it difficult to withstand an attack from him.

The soul was the core. No matter how strong the external attributes were, if they did not match the soul, they would collapse at the first touch. Including Knights, the biggest difference between many powerful creatures and Wizards was the soul.

Currently, the alchemy puppet’s soul core was only a bit of soul force and spiritual imprint that he had left behind. This was fixed and couldn’t be upgraded.

To upgrade, he had to advance to an intermediate Wizard and cut off part of the soul’s origin to let the alchemy puppet form a complete soul core. Only then could he upgrade.

In addition, the movement of such a huge object was also a problem.

Although he currently had many spatial Wizard tools, they were either for carrying matter or soul. He did not have one of both. It was impossible for him to bring such a huge object everywhere he went. Even if he did that, his weak soul force would not be able to withstand the consumption.

“We’ll talk about it later.”

Spatial Wizard tools were a choice between soul and matter. The two were already Wizard tools in the area of laws. Like the harp before, they belonged to the category of rule-type Wizard tools. It was not so easy to obtain them.

The production of the alchemy puppet came to an end.

Then, Heath began to prepare the next Wizard tool. This was an important Wizard tool related to his search for Purple Goral.

It was the Mermaid Sea Gills that he had gotten from Magic Tree Airport.

Purple Coral was a material that lived in the sea. To collect this material, one had to dive into the water. In addition, many materials from the Gold Coast grew in the sea. It was inevitable to collect them and dive into the water.

Although one could dive into the sea with the help of the shapeshifting spell, the shapeshifting spell had a time-limited effect. As long as one had enough Magic Stones, one could live in the sea for a long time just like a mermaid. It was undoubtedly much easier and more convenient.

The production of this Wizard tool was much simpler. After all, it was just a Wizard tool for living. Basically, it did not have any complicated runic structure or use any high-end magic knowledge, the materials used to make it were mostly ordinary materials. Some fish, shellfish, and other creatures could be collected on the beach.

“After I finish this Wizard tool, I’ll go out to sea!”

Heath silently decided…

A few days later, at the beach in the outer suburbs of Golden Harbor Town.

On the beach, Heath, who had rolled up his pants legs, was bending down with a small shovel to dig for ‘Sea Radishes’. This was a kind of soft sea creature. It was one of the materials used to make Mermaid Sea Gills.

“Teacher! Teacher!”

At this moment, a tender voice sounded.

Lily, who was wearing a floral dress, carried a bamboo basket and ran quickly towards Heath, leaving a series of small footprints on the beach.

She held the basket and handed it to Heath. Inside the basket lay a strange cone-shaped creature that looked like a radish. Its wet body was twisting and turning. It was exactly what Heath needed.

Lily said, “Look, is this the radish you wanted?”

Heath took it over and looked at it. He nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad. Thank you very much, little Lily.”

As he spoke, he took out a bottle and put the radish inside.

Lily smiled happily. “Great, then I’ll continue to look for the blue shell.”

She ran towards the beach while waving her hands and shouting, “I’ve found the radish, I’ve found the radish!”

Her tone was full of showing off.

There were three or five figures gathered on the beach. They were seven or eight years old, and each of them had a small basket in their hands. They were all children who lived in this generation of commoners. After class, they specially came to help Heath look for materials.

After settling down, Heath fulfilled his promise and opened a classroom in the lighthouse.

In the beginning, only Lily was a student. Later, when the other townspeople heard that Heath could teach the children to read without charge, they all sent the children over.

Although the ordinary townspeople did not have much knowledge, they still hoped that their children could read and be knowledgeable.

However, in this era, knowledge was basically monopolized by the middle and upper classes. It was very difficult for the lower classes to have access to it. Now that there was such a rare opportunity, of course, they did not want to miss it.

Even if it could not change one’s fate in the end, it could at least allow the children to have more knowledge and thoughts.

At this moment.

After hearing Lily’s shout, some of the children looked at her with envy, while others were more active in searching for materials. All kinds of competitive voices were heard continuously.

“What’s there to be proud of? Radishes are everywhere. It’s easy to find them, okay?”

“Yes, yes!”

“If you’re good, then find the blue-striped shellfish.”

The afternoon passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, the sky had gradually turned into dusk. The sunset glow in the sky lit up the sea.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The long bell on the clock tower rang, announcing the arrival of evening.

At the same time, it was also the time of the day to get off work.

The ships at the port had mostly sailed back to the port. The sailors and coolies working at the dock had finally welcomed the most relaxing time of the day. Some went to the nearest bar, while others returned to their small homes.

On the shore, one could vaguely see groups of shirtless men carrying towels and small buckets walking past. These were coolies and sailors working at the dock.

The seaside town basically did not have any farmland. In addition to the developed trade, most of the people here worked at the dock. They ran boats, helped workers, worked hard, and so on.

The women basically stayed at home to spin, make clothes, make bread, take care of the children, and so on.

“Mr. Noen, thank you for your trouble.”

“Let’s have dinner at my house. Sansa is ready.”

“Bull-nosed old man, what are you talking about? Didn’t we agree yesterday? It’s my turn to entertain Mr. Noen today.”

As a scholar and with Heath’s generosity, he was respected and loved from the bottom of his heart by the people in the town.

Basically, every day, the townspeople invited Heath to their house for dinner. They would even quarrel about it every time.

After dinner, Heath came to the beach again.

On the beach, people had already set up a bonfire with wood. Men and women were sitting around the bonfire.

Today was Saturday. Every week on this day, the nearby residents would hold a bonfire dinner by the beach. This was because tomorrow was the day of the handover of the cargo ships at the dock. The dock was basically closed in the morning. Everyone also had half a day of rest.

“Mr. Noen, come here and sit here.”

“Your wine is ready!”

Heath sat down in an empty seat next to him. He took the oak cup handed over by the townsfolk. While drinking the inferior rye wine, he looked forward.

In front of him, two young men were holding two wooden sticks in their hands. They held their heads high and puffed out their chests. They were performing a non-standard swordsmanship starting stance.

“Within three moves, I will make you my defeated opponent!”

“Learn how to hold a sword before you say such boastful words!”

At the side, a bearded musician was playing an accordion. A young girl was indulging in a song beside him. Beside him, a group of young men was singing and dancing.

“Old man, drink this glass of wine immediately. Otherwise, I curse you to be blown into Shipwreck Bay by the storm and meet those ghosts!”

“Who’s holding us back now?”

Drinking wine, barbecuing meat, sword fights, dancing, the people who had been busy for a week were relaxing to their heart’s content on this night.


Heath lifted the oak cup and took a big gulp. He felt the fiery wine fall into his throat. With the sea breeze and listening to music, Heath was also enjoying life to his heart’s content, enjoying the life of the most ordinary people in the world.

This was the life of the most ordinary people in the lowest class of the world.

There was no dazzling swordsmanship, no colorful magic, and no exciting adventures.

That was it.

Simple and unflashy.

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